No Introduction Needed- The Best Biryani in Hyderabad

They say that a man with good culinary taste always makes good choices in life.  Biryani is like manna to all the Hyderabadis. Whenever people visit Hyderabad there first query is the list of Places you they can find Best biryani in Hyderabad (the ones makes your taste buds tingle) 

Hotel Shadab

Hotel Shadab

A at meal at Shadab and you will be forever under its spell. This hopping restaurant is the capital of biryani, kebabs and mutton in all configurations and, during Ramzan (Ramadan), haleem is the favourite of all. It’s usually packed with Old City families and the buzz in there gives you great feeling. A proud feeling that you are just experiencing authentic cuisine in this age old hotel.

Where: Shop No. 21-1-140, High Court Road, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Call: 08882240055

Cost for two: INR 700

Grand Hotel


Biryani was brought to Hyderabad by the invading Mughal army of Aurangazeb. Since traditional Indian foods such as roti, rice, curries, and soups would be too time consuming to prepare and eat in times of war, the biryani was developed to get quick food to the troops. The blending of Mughlai and Telengana cuisines resulted in the Grand Hotel. It is made from goat meat (mutton) and basmati rice, although you can get a chicken or veg varitey as well. Other ingredients include yoghurt, onions, saffron, and spices.

Where: Plot 4-1-395, Opposite Big Bazaar,Abids Road, Abids, Hyderabad

Call: 04033165352

Cost for two: INR 600

Shah Ghouse

Shah Ghouse

It’s best known for its biryani. It has a simple classic setting where they mean business when it comes to giving great hot biryani. They have the authentic pot cooked Biryani which imparts a unique taste. The serving is generous so one would suffice two people with medium appetites.

Where: Syed Ali Chabutra, Shalibanda Road, Charminar, Hyderabad

Call: 04064617789

Cost for two: INR 700

The Greenpark Hotel


Its popular for the Midnight Biryanis starting from 11PM and for those who have a love for being a little adventurous in the night. So ditch the lunch and dinner and go to this place. You will still have a long waiting because the city is full of people who love food. The taste is amazing and the deserts like khubani ka meetha (A Date sweet dish) is an added bonus. They have vegetable, chicken and mutton biryani with curries that could heap up your plate. The ambiance is great and you will have the time of your life in this classy setting.

Where: 7-1-27, Ameerpet Rd, Leelanagar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad

Call: 04066515151

Cost for two: INR 1500



Alpha hotel is near the Secundrabad railway station and a go to place to grab quick Biryani. it is a good place to have delicious meal which is rich as well affordable to your pocket. From biryanis to Gravies it’s an experience which u will never forget let alone the ambience which is not top notch but recommend. For vegetarians this place is a difficulty as the specialization isn’t varied. 

Where: Railway Station Road

Call: 04066495582

Cost for two: INR 400


Hotel Sarvi

It’s a midrange hotel good to go with family in Hyderabad. They are famous for Moghlai food Hyderabadi Haleem which they serve during Ramzan.  If you want to taste authentic biryani, then go for the Mutton Biryani.

Where: No. 6-2-626, Ground Floor, Road No. 1, Opposite Care Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Call: 04064501113

Cost for two: INR 900



Biryani at bawarchi is hot and spicy. Mostly for the ones who like to challenge their taste buds a little more. And there are a group of people who love the hotness. The chillies are generously poured and with a cool drink, you can enjoy this. It’s what we call ‘yummy’ in a layman’s language. Its situated on the main road and easy to notice, so you won’t miss this one. Also the service is quick and warm, you will like going here.

Where: Plot 44, RTC Cross Road, Chikkadpally, Opposite Sandhya Theatre, Nallakunta, Hyderabad

Cost for two: INR 800

The Spicy Venuespicy-avenue-exterior

Try this place if you crave for a south indian touch to your biryani. The MLA Potlam Biryani is very popular here and is relished by most of their regular customers. Other biryanis to try out here are the ulavacharu biryani, avakaya chicken biryani and the natukodi pulao. The ambience is decent although nothing extra ordinary.

Where: Near Diamond House, Road 10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Call: 04065595522

Cost for two: INR 1000

Cafe Bahar


One of the best places to gets your hands on some amazing fish biryani. It’s as fresh as it can be and tastes divine! The Chicken and mutton biryani are absolutely fabulous too where the spice levels are just right and not overtly done like a few other restaurants. Opt for take away rather than settling there as the ambience is crowded and chaotic!

Where: Hyderguda Road, Old MLA Quarters, Basheerbagh, Near Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad

Call: 04023243798

Cost for two: INR 700

Meridian Cafe and Restaurant 

meridian restaurant biryani

The Dum ka Biryani is to die for at this place near Panjagutta circle. The ambience and setting is just average. Usually if you notice, most of the not-so-good places (ambience wise) are the ones that serve some of the best biryanis! I guess they focus on the quality and taste of food rather than anything else.

Where: 6-3-697/1, Panjagutta Cross Road, Panjagutta, Hyderabad

Call: 9032730504

Cost for two: INR 700


best biryani in hyderabad

It started from a simple chai shop to this huge chain of multi-cuisine restaurants. As you enter the restaurant, you see the history of Paradise and all the celebrities’ signatures, which have come and gone a happy customer. What’s special about this place is the Biryani, ranging from family packs to combo and extra masala biryani. If seated at the restaurant, you can order a family plate where they serve you a huge (And I mean, really huge) serving for eight to ten people. It follows the tradition of sharing, very similar in Islam culture.  The mutton biryani is supposed to be scrumptious but if you like chicken then it’s equally good. The vegetarians get the treat of plan biryani without the meat. The side dishes like mutton curry and mirchi ka saalan are mildly spiced so it would not over take the tang of biryani from you.

Their take-always have a long queue but the delivery is instant.  It’s what I call the fast food of Hyderabad.

Paradise is spread out in the city now. If you stay in Hi-tech or Abids, you can find it now very near to you. My favourite is especially is the secunderabad restaurant.

Where: General Choudhuri Rd, NCC Ground, Gunrock Enclave, Secunderabad

Call: 04066661199

Cost for two: INR 900

These are a few options you have to fill your senses with the best biryani in hyderabad. It’s a great way to start your feel to the city of Hyderabad and it makes up a hectic day at work or way to celebrate a day with friends.

Feel Royal with these delectable cuisine!


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