Sonia Kundra Singh

Things I hate About Hyderabad City

October 6, 2019

The woes of every city or Hyderabad have these distinct things, that actually makes one hate the place once in a while.

TRAFFIC: traffic

Commuting in Hyderabad is the biggest problem for a typical Hyderabadi. And the peak hours are the worst because no one has the patience to wait for a lane to clear. They all horde up on the other side and made a mess of disorganized traffic. And you can be stuck in there for more than a hour, wait till a fight starts and the traffic police comes to the rescue. God knows what will happen if there might be an emergency.



The Bikers seem to have made an invisible lane of their own because the way they drive, you see them not following rules almost all the time. And if they collide with a car, it's always the car owners fault.  And their stares are so deadly that you will be glad of the glass separating you. It's almost as if he is thinking, ‘I want to hit you, but I am too busy driving on the wrong lane”.


no parking

Designer stores or those shops that have great sale but what about a parking space? Where do one park with the traffic policemen who are waiting like sharks to tow your vehicles. Perhaps that’s why the concept of mall is so popular here where you at least have a decent place to park your car.



Buffets are just magical. Lot of food, variety and a lot of hungry people who might have missed lunch just to get their money’s worth.  But pushing each other for their turn or just breaking a queue to get what you want is plain cheap. Even a good restaurant where you can relax actually becomes a place where you fight for your turn, especially when you want a serving of that delicious biryani and another person comes in heaps his plate with it, leaving you nothing but to wait for someone to refill the bowls.

CONGESTED SPACES:congested spaces

You have go through that lane to get to the other side, but that lane has kids running wayward and women making the road their verandas, driving becomes a challenge and your wife becomes the navigator. If she misses a thing, you yell and the day is spoilt.

And God forbid if you have festivals going on then with the police making their presence felt, take up half the space and you will have nowhere to go. 



I love movies. I even love the Telugu movies because sometimes their plot of much better than the English ones but what’s with the blatant display of sexuality with their movie posters? And the size of the poster is magnanimous and if you are with your family and your child couldn't stop staring at it, then all we can do is cringe inside and wait for the traffic to move on. Perhaps all sex education happens during these times.


men at work

Almost all the time, one sees laborers breaking or making tunnels right on the main road. Sometimes the work just doesn't seem to end and you have to keep taking the longer route than the one that took you to work breezily.


Disclaimer: This is not a hate blog and does not promote any hatred towards Hyderabad.



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