Aarti David

Creating A Coffee Revolution: The Roastery Coffee House Hyderabad

Food & Restaurants

January 3, 2018

Enough has already been said about The Roastery Coffee House. It’s even more evident if you’ve happened to go through Nishant Sinha’s(the owner) facebook profile where he gets to brag by sharing posts from prominent bloggers and social media influencers appreciating all his efforts! Also for it being the most trending place on Zomato! I’m probably the last person to be reviewing this place and I’m still going ahead. On a more serious note, why shouldn’t he? Especially when he manages to serve that perfect cup of coffee along with introducing new varieties like the cold brew, pour over and what not! With the new gigantic roasting machine in the house, fresh coffee beans are roasted on a regular basis and you get to choose your coffee as per your choice from light, medium to dark. If you’re planning to visit, make sure you know your coffee before sipping it, straight from Nishant himself who would be glad to explain. Suddenly coffee tasting to me seems like what one does before having a glass of wine! I made a visit back in august when it had just opened its doors to Hyderabad. It looked like this perfect spot during the rains, as I walked in through this passage amongst luscious greenery of tall trees, little pots and plants all over, that ultimately led to a huge white bungalow. Now though after months, it has an extended space with more seating capacity eventually serving for more visitors. Another addition is the monster cookie from Fat Kitchen baked by Karishma Chandiramani that is so freakishly warm and gooey! Some of the cutlery used is sourced from Pondicherry and is unique in its own way. The first cup of coffee I had here was a basic cappuccino and I couldn’t help but notice how cute the cup was! This was another aspect I loved about the place. So much thought goes into every single detail. Book worms out there are also going to have a treat as there are loads of them placed in almost every corner! Apart from coffee, there’s enough amount of food on the menu as well! There are pastas, sandwiches, baked goodies and mac n cheese! The cookies and brownie served with your cuppa are a treat in itself. They’ve also introduced a separate breakfast menu that begins from 9:30am. I see it as an apt place to begin the day. Coffee, breakfast, sunshine and greenery, you’re all sorted! I’m going to end this on a lighter note as I realized while writing, that The Roastery Coffee House by all this popularity is like a Karan Johar production. How? Let’s see. So you have the huge bungalow in one of the plushest areas of the city with sophisticated coffee names. And then you have people revisiting and sipping on cold brews as if it’s the last day on planet earth just like how the crowds throng into theatres for every release of KJo’s movies! Then come in the fancy, popular social media folks who say all the right things because the product is genuinely substantial. (Can’t say the same about KJo’s films though!) So there we have Nishant Sinha who’s all over the place from websites and social media handles to newspapers and magazines holding his cuppa and smiling away to the shutterbugs with a sense of pride and all that he’s achieved in such a short span! As they say hard work and determination never fail you and surely that’s the case here. P.S: Just like Koffee with Karan, we should have Roasting with Nishant? Or maybe some of you could come up with a better tagline and I’ll let him know! After all, it’s all about roasting and loving your coffee! Where: House no.418, 8-2, BNR Colony, Nandi Nagar, Banjara Hills, Rd Number 14, Hyderabad Price for two: 800 approx