The Hyderabadi Who Started The City’s 1st Animal Sanctuary… Of A Different Kind!

Hyderabad maybe the corporate and IT hub of the country, but there is a part of the city people that still remains grounded to its roots. Nawabi…. or royalty, is Hyderabad’s middle name, yet the warmth that some Hyderabadis have exhibited is way too endearing. One such Hyderabadi has provided a safe haven….. for animals, the first ever sanctuary for abandoned animals… “Place to Bark”…. but the place is certainly more than a place to bark….

a place to bark

“Place to Bark” is a sanctuary for the abandoned and the abused animals started by a 22-year old, named Zabi Khan. Located on the Miyakhangadda Shankarpally Road this sanctuary was launched in December 15, 2019 making it Hyderabad’s first sanctuary for abandoned, disabled and stray animals. Zabi Khan, when he was 13, started working for animal rights.

a place to bark

It all began when his pet puppy got sick and passed away eventually. At the age of 16 he started his own shelter and by the age of 18 he managed to convince his college to do the same. He managed to save more than 3000 animals. He believes that every animal deserves to live a good life under decent living conditions just like us humans. This belief led him to start a shelter for dogs, which had 34 spacious enclosures.

The shelter provides medical facilities for the rescued animals, and an aviary for injured birds. This is a true luxury for the animals unlike other such shelters which usually are dark and very minimal. He started this shelter to give the life to the animals that they deserve, a life and a livelihood like us humans. He believes that they deserve a good quality of life just like any other human being.

This is a joyous shelter, a happy place for the animals where they can get better and healthy and have a life that they are deprived off on the streets. The shelter has space to accommodate the staff so that they could stay on the premises and take good care of the animals. This sanctuary comes with a no-cage policy. All animals will live in the open unless absolutely necessary due to some medical condition.

Not just that, this to Zabi is also a way of creating awareness and educate on the social entrepreneurship and animal rights. He has taken this opportunity to treat this facility as a learning center. This sanctuary would not be the last and it would not be limited to Hyderabad. As per him this sanctuary will be a model that the other cities can replicate. It is a work done towards bringing changes in the policies that will largely impact the living conditions on many more animals.

He has keen interest in animal right advocacy and is extensively looking into this area. And it is not just the animals on the streets, but also animals with homes who are abused will be rescued too. He has been mentoring other youngsters who are keen in helping and saving the animals and wants to start their own shelters for animals who are disabled or abused.

Zabi’s work towards a good cause instantly caused a chain reaction creating awareness and bringing more people to fight for it. He stands by example that it is important to fight for a cause, to voice it and actively work towards bringing changes for the better….. not just A Place to Bark!

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