The Famously Infamous Places in Hyderabad !!

We all love a good story but we also love a good scandalous story behind every place. Hyderabad being a modest city highlighting its decency where short skirts are pretty unacceptable attire, you will be surprised to know how much hypocrisy is behind all this.

Mehboob Ki Mehendi

Mehboob Ki Mehendi Hyderabad

Hyderabadi Kings enjoyed Music and Dance as a pastime. The courtesans, nartakis, known for their wide knowledge in music and experimental sex lives made this place the most infamous in the times of Nizams.  But even in those times, they had a respectable position of entertaining at the court of the king, many seeking solace in their beautiful dances and songs.  In the 80’s this was a thriving red light area and was earning quiet a reputation for the mujras and casual sex. But due to legalities and the spread of HIV, this place was evacuated.  Unfortunately there is no real evidence that these sex workers have a decent job now. So you might find both men and women still trading sex for money.

Many social workers are still working on this providing the children there to educate them to give them better lives.

But you pass through the empty lanes, you can still feel a hum or a two, then you know you are in the gali of Mehboob ki Mehendi.

Where: Charminar Hyderabad

Chatta Bazaar

chatta bazaar

‘Chatta’ means garbage. Earlier, a place where garbage was dumped, this place makes you cringe at the name. Perhaps you might not even visit if you misinterpreted the name.  It’s a huge bazaar and the oldest to store goods under one roof. You will find specially calligraphic Urdu invitation cards, something that you will not find anywhere in Hyderabad.  Men aged with magic in their fingers, known as the finger smith, will create wonders on a piece of paper for you. It reeks of history, shops owned by ancestors passed on to their sons, and maybe you can pick up a story or two while you buy something.

Where: Charminar Hyderabad

Chappal BazaarChor Bazaar hyderabad

It’s a bazaar where you can get handmade ‘chappals’ (shoes) of several kinds. Its stuck with the name since decades now.  Perhaps its because of its weird name that its become so infamous in many ways. You will find handmade leather goods at a good prices and pretty shoes that will adorn your feet.

Where: Charminar, Hyderabad

Chor Bazaar

infamous places in hyderabad

From stolen antiques, clothes, shoes to sex toys, you get it all here. Its one of the oldest bazaars of Hyderabad and you can get absolutely a treasure here if you look hard enough for great prices. A must tourist place if you want to see the real Hyderabad’s flea market. You will find shopkeepers who will know the history of their goods so well that you will just get carried away in the stories.  You will also find branded foreign goods at dream prices and Mughal paintings that would make a great place at your home.  Who knows, you might get something really valuable, so scan and check and keep your wallet in check!

Where: Charminar, Hyderabad

Thursdays – Morning 5AM to Noon 12PM

Durgan Cheruvvu

infamous places in hyderabad

Being in love makes everyone do crazy things. Even go to shady places to make out and Durgum Cherevvu is notorious in finding couples in compromising positions.

Its called “The Secret Lake” because its hidden somewhere in the urban jungle, giving couples a chance to sneak a peck or two. It has benches and music playing in the background occupied with unattached couples, literally having a good time. With no real security, this place has gained quiet a reputation in the years. Perhaps not the best place to take your family for a picnic here.

The police in Hyderabad are pretty serious about their job in patronizing morality, so beware of being caught in something embarrassing and damning to you and your loved one.

Where: Near Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad

Sanjeeviah Park

When we remember the old movies where the hero and the heroine sing behind the trees, we laugh our hearts out. But true romance is where a park is. At least romance is not associated with true love.  Having been caught several couples here in positions that are indescribable; this park had to cut many trees and bushes to make the view more uncomplicated for the security to locate such ardent lovers seeking more than just holding hands. Its more tamed now but the vastness of the park and bribing the security for privacy is becoming common now.

Where: Necklace Road, Tank Bund, Hyderabad

Perhaps being a moral police is not really anyone’s business as long as anyone’s not hurt. But then like any other city, Hyderabad has its share of fun and some very outrageous affairs to remember.


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