Paranormal Activity or Fiction? Most haunted places in Hyderabad

Disclaimer: All the below information has been researched widely and have been found in various mediums too. We do not promote to defame anyone…

Paranormal activity looks good on the television but what if you knew ghosts existed, and still haunting the places they once resided in? Doesn’t seem a possibility? But there are incidences where people have seen these figures roaming around, marking their presence still in the living world and the places being called ” HAUNTED “

Hyderabad is known for the pearls and the Charminar but there is more to it. Its loaded with history and with that comes a lot of unsolved mysteries and spooky secrets that still lingers in the minds of people.

But if you love ‘the other side’ and want to experience the goosebumps, here is where you go…

Film City of Hyderabad


“I see something!”

“I don’t. You are just seeing things”.

And the matter is forgotten. But are you just seeing ‘thing’? or is it someone behind you?

A wide spread of acres, where film stars shoot and perhaps stay a day or two is actually built on the war grounds of Nizams. With so much royalty around, there had to be some bloodshed around and some really bad spirits around it too. Although this place is the hub of tourists, it retains itself as the most haunted place in Hyderabad.

When asked around, it had unexplainable cases of having the lights fallen down, some knocking on the bathroom doors when the doors are locked from outside, even strange messages on the mirros written in Urdu (an script used thousands of years ago by the Nizams to communicate)

Unfortunately, some incidences have said to have cause harm to lightmen who have been seriously injured. They swore that they had been pushed from behind and found no one around. Women haven’t been safe either. There had been reports of women clothing being torn at inappropritate places and menacing shadows following in the changing rooms.

If this hasn’t creeped the hell out of you, then try spending a night here. The hotel staff have umpteen horror stories for you going around. If you are willing to believe then Ramoji fits your paranormal fantasy.


The Haunted House


There is a nice posh colony near St Francis Degree college, Begumpet. It all began in a bunglow where a family used to live- Mother, father & 2 daughters. The father supposedly left his family because they were acting strange, unlike other people. Everyday they followed a routine to throw their garbage to a huge garbage bin, about two kilometres away from their house. The house is surrounded by student hostels and temples.

The house began to be hidden under overgrown lawn and bushes. The members in the house began to walk around with candles in the house because there was no electricity. Also a bottle filled with blood was carried around by the mother and the daughters. They spilled it over in the house and the compound, drop by drop. Incidently, they had no maids, no one visited them, the cable connection was cut off and payments were due. Despite this, the electricity bill was paid in advance, according to some sources.

Things began to reveal when a robber broke into their house through a window. The house stunk and there were dead bodies of all the family members on the bed. Laid in a straight line. Soon the police caught up with the mystery and the postmartum revealed that they were actually dead 6 months ago!

Questions such as, who used to drive the car, who walked around the house, whose blood did they spill?

The people in the colony, the college students and the hostelites were all shocked to their core when they came to know that the interiors of the house was just unpainted with the bricks still cemented, where as the outside was beautifully painted.

This was quite a revelation. It is believed that till now the house has not been purchased, renovated or demolished. In 2003, this house was the most talked about.


The Golkonda Fort


The fort of never ending stories, secret passages and rulers who were always in some controversy or the other. To begin, The Golkonda Fort was built in the 13th Century by the Kakatiyas, the then ruling dynasty of Andhra Pradesh. Later whomever ruled, renovated the fort according to his fancy and whims.

During one of the renovations, precious diamonds began to be revealed and secured in the fort. Diamond such as Kohinoor, The Hope Diamond, The darya-inoor and the idol’s Eyes are all legends to the mines of Golkonda fort.

Another gem, equally precious to King Abdullah Qutub Shah was the talk of the town. Taramati, a beautiful courtesan, sang beautifully and danced like an angel. She caught the king’s eye and he was so fascinated by her that he made her his queen one day. They died truly and irrecovoably in love,  buried together in the cemetery nearby.

At present, the once mighty fort is in ruins and serves primarily as a tourist spot or as movie sets. Many people who ventured into the ruins have come back with terrifying stories about the place. It is said that the fortress is haunted. The most popular ghost is Taramati who usually is spotted dancing in her former stage, the royal courtroom. Some visitors were caught off guard by the owner-less shadows gliding here and there. There are reports of old pictures being turned upside down and objects hurled against the walls. The most susceptible spectators of such paranormal activities are those who stay back, past the deadline (6 pm). Many film crews who happened to be present there at late hours heard disturbing noises and witnessed most terrifying supernatural activities.

Many people dismiss such rumours as publicity stunts to lure tourists. These incidents will remain rumours until you go check it out yourself.


The Unsolved Mystery of Shamshabad Airport


It is said that a lot of dispute had gone during the possession and set up of the shamshabad airport. Lot of people were killed during the riots and their bodies are still buried under the concrete of the airport. Incidences where employees being called into an enquiry room, to be faced with a man whose head turns 360 degrees laughing out aloud has been reported but dismissed.

Siasat Newspaper, A Urdu media, reported that the pilot of Quatar airways suddenly stopped his plane and stranded it in the runway because he could see a woman in saree dancing around. The authorities searched high and low for someone but the runway was clear.

For months now such incidents haven’t happened at the shamshabad airport but you can never be too sure.

Thus continues the mysteries of Hyderabad. Though the stories are too made up to be believed- I will only say- you don’t always have to see it to believe it.


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