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Most Popular Bakeries in Hyderabad- To satiate your sweet tooth.

June 30, 2019

Bakeries are heavenly places for the perfect chai-time or any time snacks! Hyderabad hold up to a lot of famous bakeries at every nook and corner, be it high end or low end. There are some that are present since many decades and some which added up lately having a refreshing change in deserts and savories mainly being inspired by the west. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or any other social gathering, the city has a huge collection in this field. Here are some of the bakeries of Hyderabad you need to try out.

Karachi Bakery

karachi bakery

Karachi bakery has been with us from ages, and is a favorite among not just the locals but throughout the country. One passing by any Karachi bakery will have his/her mouth watering as the aromas coming from there are just amazing! They have many branches now in Hyderabad itself, and also in other cities like Bangalore. Their specialty in biscuits is known by almost everyone. The fruit biscuits of Karachi bakery are the most famous of all. They come in various kinds namely osmania, pista, almonds and many more. The osmania ones mainly are the most popular and my aunt who visits us once a year never forgets to buy these biscuits for her family and friends in Mumbai. Other than biscuits they are also known for baking fabulous cakes and have come up with a website of their own and accept online as well as telephonic orders. The pastries are must try here, they are light and full of flavor. They have started a bistro along with the bakery at few places for the varying food items on the menu other than the bakery items

Where: Banjara Hills, Opp. Hotel Taj Banjara, Road No. 1
Call: +91 40 6666 0909, 6641 8506 / 07


Where: Mozzamjahi Market, Nampally, Mozzamjahi Market, Hyderabad
Call: +91 91009 90873 

Vac’s Pastries:

Their pastries are to die for, soft and moist. Other the pastries you can try the burgers, pizzas and sandwiches. This place is not even pricey and fits in our budget. They have fancy decorated cakes available at varying price and flavors to cater or needs. At a first glance the wide range of deserts that are displayed on their counters catches the eye instantly! I remember walking into this space for the very first time a few years ago and couldn’t stop myself from drooling over the number of fantastic looking deserts they had! The cheese cake prepared here is pretty popular and is soft and delicious, mainly the blueberry flavor. Also the cheese tart is addictive and so are the cupcakes with light buttery frosting. They stand out for their distinctive flavors and various varieties in sweets/deserts and savories that are usually not available in a normal bakery.

Where: Road Number 10, Sravanthi Nagar, ICRISAT Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
Call: 040 2355 8838

Labonel Fine Baking:


Heaven for chocolate lovers! This bakery falls under the high end category. The cakes here are expensive, but every penny spend here is worth it!. They use the best chocolate to make their cakes. The cakes are high is flavor aspect and yet so soft that they melt in your mouth. They are most famous for their cupcakes and wedding cakes and are undoubtedly the best in Hyderabad for now. The white chocolate cookies and soft red velvet cupcakes are luscious and have many more varieties which are equally good.  It’s become like the latest fad as many people are opting for their wedding cakes which come with beautiful presentations and themes as per customer requirements.

Where: Star Hospital, Banjara Hills Road No 10, Hyderabad
Call: 040 2335 6709

Donut House:

donut bakeries

It’s the most recent addition into the city and has already garnered a lot of encouraging response with many people visiting their outlet again and again gaining them a lot of positive feedback as well. As the name suggests their serve mainly doughnuts and have many varieties naming, the Alien doughnut which is at the top of their list as its in demand by most of their customers for its ultra soft texture and melted chocolate oozing out from between! Some of the other popular ones are the coffee, strawberry, butterscotch, white chocolate, dark chocolate and blueberry flavors. Since the place has received immense positivism, I’m sure they would soon come up with many more outlets.

Where: Adjacent to KFC, Somajiguda, Hyderabad
Call: 040 40207312

Bakers Inn:

Bakers Inn

Like Karachi, this place also has been here since a very long time. It’s been more than 20 years now since they started their first outlet in somajiguda and have never looked back as they have innumerable branches in and around the city. Begumpet, hitech city, madhapur are some of the places they’re located in. They are the official partners of Walt Disney in India, by which one realizes their fine baking skills. One can witness the live action through their see through kitchens which is a delight to watch and are very hygienic as well. Our family has been ordering their cakes for many years especially for my birthday since a teenager and they always deliver, never leaving us disappointed. The lemon/cheese tarts, chocolate balls and the chicken 65 bun are a childhood favorite as my mom would regularly get them for me on her way back home from work no matter how exhausted she was. Through recent years, they have come up with online orders as well.

Where: Amrutha castle building, Somajiguda, Hyderabad
Call: 80990 46000

Universal bakers:


They’ve been around since the 90’s and are still going strong despite many foreign invasions like dominos, mc donalds etc. They are known for their juicy ‘Desi Burgers’ as they don’t have a patty inside them which a normal burger would have but instead they place some shredded chicken with some tomato, capsicum and loads of mayonnaise! The chicken cutlets, chicken 65 and tomato cheese pizza also are a treat for your taste buds.  Best place for most of the college students to hang out and spend money within a limited budget. Every single bit in the bakery is handmade and not exported from outside. The burgers are meaty and saucy!

Where: Himayatnagar Road, Chanda Nagar, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad
Call: 040 2322 1779

King and Cardinal:


This one is located in himayatnagar and is a hit with a lot of the young crowd as there are many colleges and schools situated around it. They came up with an extension which is right beside to the older building and is fancier looking with its colorful ambiance. One will find many students there feasting on burgers.  As this is their specialty, the vegetarian burger mainly is juicy and has a delicious mayonnaise spread which leaves you wanting for more! It is extremely pocket friendly and probably is the reason why many students have made it their place to hang out more often.

Where: Pooja Manor, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad
Call: 040 6668 6668

Subhan Bakery:

suban bakeries hyderabad

The most famous bakery in Hyderabad! Every true hyderabadi has been to this bakery and have experienced the food there. The osmania biscuits are the must try, with the sandwiches and burgers made Indian style. At no moment of time of the day will you find this bakery having no to few customers. This place is loaded with customers, thus showing how amazing the food is here.

Address: 11-6-467, Nampally Market, Bazar Ghat, Hyderabad
Contact: 093482 57788

Sri Bangalore Iyengar’s Bakery:

iyengars bakery hyderabad

The Iyengar bakeries are some of the locally available bakeries in a locality. These bakeries are Bangalore oriented. The puffs, sponge cakes, moon biscuits, etc are locally and freshly made daily. These are the cheapest of all the bakeries found in Hyderabad without compromising on the taste and hygiene.

Address: Opp Old Post Office,, 7, Ameerpet Rd, SRT Nagar, Punjagutta, Hyderabad
Contact: 098486 76160

The next time you want to order for your kid’s birthday party or just feel like hanging out with a bunch of friends, do check out this list before heading out.

By: Aarti David & Mahreen


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