Landmark Lego Championship 2017-It Came, Saw & Conquered!

I don’t like Lego….said no parent!….only when they are not stepping on one! The Lego fever has been the highest since the last few years. When i was first introduced to Lego, by virtue of my 7 year old daughter who had been raving about it for a while, I was at first flabbergasted at the number of these small bits of plastic that you are supposed to put together…who would have the patience??…But that’s the idea, right? Slated to build children’s motor skills, concentration and efficiency along with keeping them busy for hours while you get some Me time…..Lego is by far the most popular and sworn by,motor building activity developed. so, The 3rd Edition of Landmark Lego Challenge saw three days of creativity at its best!

The 3rd Edition Of Landmark Lego Challenge


‘Build, but don’t step on it!’ LEGO Systems Inc., makers of the world’s leading construction toys embarked upon a journey with India’s leading leisure and entertainment retailer – Landmark. The third edition of the biggest Lego Challenge was back in the country with loads of excitement and surprises! With a goal to reinforce the magic of building step by step, Landmark provides the perfect platform for children across the country to build the tallest tower and win the most amazing chance to visit the LEGOLAND in Malaysia.


The Rules Of The Game


  • Eliminations (Till 9th December)
    • A child gets 60 seconds to build the tallest Lego tower from the bricks available
    • Height of the tower to be measured & winners are communicated separately
  • Finals (17th December)
    • A child gets 180 Seconds to build the tallest Lego tower from the bricks available
    • To be done in 2 rounds of 8 each
    • Winner to be announced on the spot


When: December 01 – 03, 2017 (4:00 – 9:00 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Where: Landmark in Somaji guda and Himayat Nagar



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