A Tale Of The Culture; Irani Chai Of Hyderabad

“Ek Pauna aur Do Biscoot” If you have heard this line in the past, you are true Hyderabadi Chai lover. For those who don’t belong here, “Ek Pauna” stands for one pipping hot cup of Irani chai whereas “Do Biscoot” refers to two delightful biscuits that taste best when dipped in the iconic Irani Chai. 

These Irani Cafes are a part of Hyderabad’s culture, for those who think Hyderabad is just about biryani and ‘Meat’ries, it’s not. Sitting in the Irani Cafe in the middle of the afternoon sipping Chai and debating over politics and kids playing songs and the elderly playing cards is an absolute thrill for everyone. 

If you don’t order a “Qubani Ka Halwa” on a Friday how is it the weekend? Qubani ka halwa is a Hyderabadi treat which is basically the sweet dish made out of dried apricots. Also, a lesser-known treat was “Double ka meetha” which was the delicacy made out of “Double Roti” which is bread. 

These Irani cafes are losing their day by day with the increasing number of pan India coffee chains and take away joints in the IT sector which is surrounded by the corporate geeks. Some of the iconic joints like the Grand Hotel and Nilaufer were home to the intellects of the city. Long debates on politics (Unlike those of the Social Media) which ended with “Hume Kya?” was a part of the cafe atmosphere. These Chai Cafes have lost some of its importance since time and are on the verge of being closed. Show your support and help these survive in the dark Economy

By Ishan Sharma


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