Hyderabad Declared As The Most Dynamic City In The… Time To ‘Yay’!

The tech industry major hub and Telangana state’s capital, Hyderabad, is dripping in pride as it has been mentioned as the most dynamic city in the entire world -as per the City Momentum Index by global real estate services firm Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL), after being said the best place to live in India for 2 years in a row. That’s huge.

The news has made all the residents as happy as they are while eating Biryani.

Its has been proven for a fact that Hyderabad is not just about good food and sight seeing, but being a hub for technological industry which has actually boomed their status as a city.

India’s economy is surely going through the downhill as per the chief economist of IMF, Gita Gopinath, in dire need of investments and a news like this will open new doors for many people.

Owing to this news, Chennai is also in the line at 5th position and New Delhi catching up on the 9th position. Reason being the tech industry being developed at a high pace in these cities as well as the start up culture taking a boom. These cities are just like a nest for all the job junkies.

Not being left behind, Bengaluru is said to have the maximum amount of ‘Engine room’ population, which are the people from 20-40 years, in other words ‘The productive age slot’.

What has actually made Hyderabad get this tag? The major contribution is of the state government, as they have some substantial and friendly business policies with fineness in the business infrastructure. These factors without a question attract people with some quality talent.

Contributed by Arshia Kochhar


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