Hyderabad – A City of Lakes and Ponds !!

Hyderabad is full of natural beauty. Lakes and ponds are just anywhere you can find. The outskirts of the city has preserved the lakes, giving them the regular cleaning, and making it the must visit tourist spot. The best part about them is that you could gather up your group, go on a leisure walk through its rough path that leads to the lake, where you can set up a nice picnic for a long day ahead. And if the weather is pleasant with a little rain here and then, then you could have the most wonderful time.

Some of the these lakes are man-made with the purpose of storing water for irrigational purposes. With time, the migratory birds come and  nestle here making this their temporary home. A great place for photo enthusiasts if they love bird watching and clicking pictures

Hussain Sagar

hussain-sagar-lake hyderabad

The famous Buddha statue is the main attraction of this place. More popularly known as Tank bund, you will find that Hussain sagar, is the most visited lake in Hyderabad. Curved in a shape of a necklace, there have been many restaurants and hangouts that have been opened. You will also find couples hovering around it, families having picnics in the park and People’s Plaza, where several important exhibitions and events are organized.  Boating and parasailing is organized by the Hyderabad Boat Club. And you need to be a member to enjoy the facilities of other water sports. Boating is however opened to the public for minimal charges. The ferry ride is most pleasurable though. You travel with a large number of people, and you will be taken to the statue of Buddha where you will have a paranormal view of the city.  Get your cameras ready guys!

WHERE: Necklace Road, Hyderabad

Osman Sagar

osman sagar lake hyderabad


If you have been to the Ocean Park, then you know the way to this beautiful Lake, a little about 20 kilometres from Hyderabad. More popular with the localities is the name Gandipet and you know where to go.  Built by the last Nizam of Hyderabad, this lake was actually created by collected water from Musi River. During the rainy season, it’s a sight to catch because its beauty just surpasses anything you have ever seen.  The heritage monument Sagar Mahal, the Nizam’s summer resort, is open to the public and they could book a room if they want to enjoy the view.

WHERE:  Gandipet, Hyderabad

Durgam Cheruvu



It is located in the cyber hub of Hyderabad in Jubliee Hills. When there was nothing around the place but only uncut mountains and thick trees. And in amidst all this was the Lake Durgam Cherevuu, hiding behind the facade of the thick forests. When discovered, it was named fondly as ‘The Secret Lake’. Hyderabadis now visit this place only because they feel it’s away from the crowd and they could have their time alone. However, reality strikes and several buildings started rising around it, now you will have a clear view of the lake. Something surely seems amiss when nature clashes with development.

The good part is of course that you wont feel entirely abandoned here and have chic restaurants and the biggest mall in Hyderabad- The Inorbit Mall, giving a picturesque view of the lake from it. Boating and picnics are a usual affair at the lake.

WHERE: Jubliee Hills, Near Inorbit Mall

Shamirpet Lake

shamirpet lake hyderabad

A drive along the way of Shamirpet Road in the outskirts of Hyderabad, you will find the most revered lake. Its serenity will relax you where you could actually hear the silence. One could spend hours just watching the lake. It hasn’t been commercially exploited yet and that gives it the best

You will see it getting crowded during the major festivals because its one of the lakes where visarjan of the Gods and Goddesses takes place.

Swimming is prohibited in the lake because of an invisible whirpool in the lake.

WHERE:  Rangareddy District, Shamirpet Road 

Himayat Sagar

himayat sagar hyderabad

A man made lake, Himayat Sagar has been created for irrigational purposes so that Hyderabad does not lacks in drinking water. It was created with Osman Sagar, a project very close to the heart of the last Nizam of Hyderabad. A grassy area leads to this beautiful lake that makes an ideal spot for you to have a picnic here. Weekends is the best time to go here because its less crowded and you will get a little peace that you have been looking for.

WHERE: Himayat Sagar Road, Hyderabad

Saroomagar Lake

saroornagar-lake hyderabadThis man made lake provides drinking water, the very purpose that it was created for. It began in the 16th century and till quiet some decades the lake had been clean. But then Hyderabad started to urbanize and there was lot of pollution that started to deteriorate its beauty. Later on the authorities took dire measures and we have today one of the most amazing lakes since centuries in Hyderabad. Priyadharshini Park was developed beside it which gives it an ethereal look. Its great for an outing and if you love some outdoor games, you could bring group here.

WHERE: Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad

Mir Alam Tank

mir alam tank

Before Osman sagar was made, Mir Alam was the main source of drinking water in Hyderabad. And that is centuries ago. But it’s a fully functioning lake to lure tourists now. You have boating arranged by the government of AP and an area to sit and relax. It’s a part of the Nehru Zoological Park, and the zoo gets its drinking water from here for the animals. You can see a mosque from a point of a view too, completing the look.

WHERE: Nehru zoological Park, Hyderabad

Lakes in Hyderabad is a gift to the common public. Since it’s free of cost and we don’t really contribute to pay for cleaning it, we should take part in keeping them clean and avoid throwing plastic covers and bottles in the lake. It’s not a dump and its really for us to enjoy. So on a beautiful day, pack up a nice basket of sandwiches and juices and spend some time with your friends and family, talking. That’s why Hyderabad is truly a city of lakes.


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