Dipti Datta

Forest’s Edge – Adventure Rooms, Your Gateway To 60 Minutes Of Unlimited Adventure & Fun!

December 13, 2019

Bored of visiting typical tourist picnic spots, watching movies and window shopping? There’s no dearth of fun things to do in Hyderabad, but since familiarity breeds contempt, Hyderabad has an ace up its sleeve to keep the excitement on! Forest’s Edge Adventure Rooms are a one of its kind mystery rooms that indulge, involve and apply all your sharpened nerves! 

The Unearthly Hour!

Experience the mysterious forest theme at Forest’s Edge Adventure Rooms, that leaves no stone unturned to keep you on the edge! The place immerses adventure seekers in real life different environments exuded in themed game rooms. Each themed game has a mission which is to be achieved by way of solving a set of puzzles within an hour’s time. Get together and be transported to an exciting environment while you make unforgettable memories.

Forest’s Edge Adventure Rooms take you to a whole other dimension in time. Get locked in a room, hunt the clues, unravel the mystery, accomplish the mission, escape, and find the key to transcend yourself! …… and 60 minutes is all you have!!

The Family, Friends Or Team that Plays Together, Stays Together

A family bonding activity on your mind? Or are you an adrenaline junkie looking for fun and challenge? Or just looking for a fun, rewarding, and non-boring adventure and thinking about your next corporate team building event?

We have unique activity for you! This is the perfect place for you and your family, friends, or colleagues to get whisked away on an amazing adventure, Challenge your gang of gamers to an exciting and stimulating experience and an experience that your employees will actually get excited about, we promise you that!

An Adventure For Your Mind

Forest’s Edge has currently opened with three adventures on offer. 

Barbary Coast– What would you do if a mutiny breaks out on your pirate ship and you get locked in the ship’s dungeon? Break out of the ship, and leading your fellow crew members to safety.

The Great Art Heist- Here’s a chance to get your hands on the Mona Lisa at The Louvre. You and your band of thieves have discovered a one hour window where the museum is left unguarded. Can you break into the main gallery and steal the Mona Lisa without setting off the alarm?

Turbulent Skies- Have you ever wanted to fly a plane? Here’s an opportunity. Imagine this….. You and your friends are traveling back home after a vacation in Hawaii. It’s an hour before landing time, but there’s an announcement on the PA system – “the pilot is having a heart attack, can anyone aboard help save him?” It’s up to you and your friends to help save the pilot and land the plane safely.

A time-based all-immersive mystery solving experience. Put your gaming skills to test. Experience the thrill and adrenaline rush in the real life escape game! Accept the challenge and create a new record in their crazy rooms full of mystery!

Where: 4th floor, Sarath City Capital mall, Kondapur

Call: 04068218307

Email: forestedge@gmail.com


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