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Famous Theatre Groups from Hyderabad

May 18, 2020

Life is more interesting when you are allowed to step into a world of make belief once in a while. Hyderabad has a very enthusiastic theatre culture that dates back to decades ago. The interest in joining Theatre Groups is on a rise. Let us check out the best theatre groups in Hyderabad.

Apna Theatre Group

theatre groups in Hyderabad "APNA THEATRE GROUP" in Hyderabad, presents online acting classes that will answer all your queries related to acting. The sessions will consist of 40 min. of a carefully constructed topic series... this summer, they are specially designed for the new age actors, who are looking for a vent to hone their acting skills. They are adept at conducting street plays too! Call: 8130012943, 8383001336


teatre groups in Hyderabad
KissaGo, is an initiative that endeavors to make the self meets the 'other self'. The stage is where, they believe, the magic unfolds; a neutral territory where illusion meets reality and vice versa. Here is where the 'story' behind the story is dramatized. They function as a family, yet allow the individual to survive without judgement or criticism, a platform where every theatre enthusiast is welcomed with open arms.
Where: Phoenix Arena, Hi-tech City, Hyderabad
Call: 9700074079


Samahaara Samahaara is one of the most popular and largest theatre groups in India. In the last decade, they have covered a vast body of theatre work including productions, workshops, theatre festivals and collaborations across the world. The most important contribution they pride ourselves on is creating original plays and performing them to packed houses. Samahaara plays a key role in promoting local talent via theatre festivals. Where: 8-2-622/20, Road Number 11, Avenue 4, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad Call: 8341120303

Progressive Theatre Group

theatre groups in Hyderabad
Progressive Theatre Group (PTG) is an initiative of students drawing from various cultural and academic backgrounds coming together to put up political street theatrical plays for boosting awareness about country's state in front of the campus community.
Where: University of hyderabad, Hyderabad

Bhoomika Theatre Group

Bhoomika Theatre Group Bhoomika believes that, "more than entertainment, theatre illuminates, moves, disquiets, disturbs, lifts the spirit, reveals, provokes and violates conventions." Their efforts are an ongoing conversation with the society since 1989. It has been a search for new grammar suiting the needs of the ever changing society and to retain the relevance and the need of theater to the society. They have produced over 100 plays in Hindi, Telugu and performed across the nation. In addition to a lifetime of experiences, travails, adventures and uninhibited fun, they have many awards in prestigious festivals to cherish. Where: #1002, Street no.17, Chikkadpally, New Nallakunta, Hyderabad Call: 8639524050


Sutradhar It was a group of young professionals in the early nineties who, while practicing as Actors and Voice Artistes, came together to form Sutradhar. Sutradhar, as it stands today - a Theatre Group, a Casting House and a Voice and Acting School all rolled into one – is an umbrella of numerous initiatives. Sutradhar is driven by the motivation of making sure that deserving talents are rightly recognized, nurtured and manifested. Having created a strong database of talented artists and counting, Sutradhar has become a hub of Actors, Voice Artistes, Scriptwriters, Translators, Directorial Crew, Technical Crew and many other portfolios. These associations have allowed Sutradhar to venture into production. Where: 3-6-145/9/1/1, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad Call: 9848052541

Surabhi Theatre

Surabhi   Surabhi is a rare institution of family groups that leads nomadic life by performing dramas in villages. Surabhi has a track record of 127 years. Most of the Surabhi plays are the compendiums from the Indian epics and mythiologies Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagavatha . There was a time that Surabhi troupes could tremendously survived all over Andhra Pradesh. Sri Venkateswara Natyamandali (Surabhi) which is well known as the Surabhi Babji troupe is one of the survived groups to till date. It is famous for its Padya Natakam (The classical Telugu verse play) performances adorned with colorful illusionary backgrounds, sets and trick scenes. The interesting thing about this troupe is that all artists/technicians of this troupe are from one family, dedicated their lives to Rangastal (Rangmanch/Stage). There are no age limitations or retirements for the artists of this family. Where: #20-1/sc/216, Surabhi Colony, Serilingampally, Hyderabad Call: 9912924723

Nishumbita Ballet And Theatre Group

Nishumbita Ballet And Theatre Group They came into existence in the year 1995 to promote the values of dance and theatre among the populace of the twin cities especially the youth and it works with the motto of promoting social values and the culture of dramatic excellence. The group today boasts of 55 strong members of amateur as well as professional artistes actively working towards quality theatre. Nishumbita has been consistently staging Indian as well as Western Plays, Children’s plays and Ballets many of which have been showcased in National and International Festivals. Where: 1-8-450/A-24, Damodara Nilaya, Indian Airlines Colony, Patigadda, Begumpet, Hyderabad Call: 9849256440

Koshish Theatre Group

Koshish Theatre Group   Koshish Theatre Group, a division of Youth TRAC, COVA, is based in the old city of Hyderabad. Koshish endeavors to sensitize people on various social issues with special focus on communal harmony. The Group has a number of plays on communal harmony, education, women’s rights, child labour and other social issues in its repertoire. Where: Old city, Hyderabad

Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation

Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation   The Foundation’s work has been streamlined into regular productions and presentations of plays, a Global Theatre Initiative, a dedicated effort to promoting ‘Heritage Theatre’, and a series of workshops and talks under the banner of ‘Celebrating Theatre’. By inviting globally-celebrated plays, as also producing local ones on a regular basis, the Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation is devoted to promoting meaningful theatre in the twin cities. At the same time, it has been credited with taking Hyderabadi theatre to the global stage and for introducing audiences across cultures and age groups to the richness of Hyderabadi and therefore, Indian heritage. Where: ‘Sahara’ 12-2-43, Murad Nagar, Hyderabad Call: 04023530791


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