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An individual is judged by mere appearances these days. If he/she is fat then we hear things like “khaati bohot hai” or “it might be hereditary” and if slimmer than usual then it’s “dieting karti hogi” or “sirf hawa paani pe jeeti hai” and many more weird reactions! I’m sure you have heard them too! The point here is whether fat or slim one has to be fit inward by following the right kind of diet on a daily basis including exercise which many of us skip due to our hectic schedules and yes laziness too!

A lot of people choose the shortcut method by going on a crash diet for a few weeks to lose weight instantly but then give up due to obvious reasons leading to weakness, lethargy, over binging, etc, eventually leading to even worse situations than before. It’s during these times that dieticians and nutritionists come to the rescue. But I got to warn you here as well that it’s always sensible to do a proper research to find the right and a well certified doctor as we see every second person opening up a clinic at home! So whats up Hyderabad brings you a list of some of the best dieticians and nutritionists in town who will tell you the dos and don’ts of the right method of dieting.

Dr. Sujatha Stephen:

dr. Sujatha hyderabad

She is a renowned nutritionist who is been in the business for over 15 successful years. She has done her M.Sc in Food and Nutrition and is currently working as the Cheif Nutritionist at MaxCure Hospital in Madhapur. She has also had an association with well-known corporate companies like G.E Global services, and at Dr. Reddy’s.

Where: 9/50, New Dilshuknagar Colony, Near Andhra Bank, Dilshuknagar, Hyderabad

Phone: 9849995950

Dr. Latha Sashi Diet Clinic:

dr. latha hyderabad

She holds a Ph D and MSc in Food and Nutrition and has an experience in the health care industry for more than 10 years achieving a lot of awards and recognition which includes the prestigious Lion’s award, recipient of the young scientist award and many more. She has been a Consultant Nutritionist at Fernandez Hospital and her areas of specialization are Pregnancy and postnatal nutrition, Maternal and pediatric nutrition, customized medical nutrition therapy packages for Overweight and obesity, Gestational Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, infertility and hormone imbalance, PCOD & menopause.

Where: 201, 3rd Floor, Mani Plaza, New Bhoiguda, Secunderabad

Call: 04040222397, 9885195621, 9848135621

Pankaj Jena:

lose is gain hyderabad

Pankaj Jena a Holistic health coach and weight loss expert provides online diet consultation and online diet plans for weight loss and other services.

Where: Botanical Garden Rd, Kondapur, Hyderabad

Call: 8374751515

Dr. Deepa Agarwal:

dr. deepa hyderabad dieticians

Dr. Deepa Agarwal is one of the leading nutritionists in the city and gives indivual based consultation on nutrition for weight loss, fat loss, reduce belly / tummy fat, weight gain, gain muscle mass, diet in pregnancy and lactation, pediatric diet, diabetes diet, hypertension, cardiovascular, renal issues, bariatrics, cancer, sports nutrition, PCOD, and PCOS. She also provides nutritional advice for brides and grooms on hair, skin etc.

Where: Tanvir Hospital, Adjacent ICICI Bank,, Srinagar Colony Main Rd, Hyderabad

Call: 9959923332

Praana Diet Clinic:

praana clinic hyderabad

Dietician Abhilasha provides online consultation for services like Weight Loss Program, Fat loss, Weight Gain Cholesterol Management, Diabetes Management, Treat Diabetes and Diet for Diabetes, Therapeutic Programs in Specific Disorder, Healthy Heart Diet, Diet for Hypertension, Diet for overweight & underweight Kids, Diet for Nursing Mothers & Diet during Pregnancy, Diet for Teenagers and other disease management which makes it easier sometimes for people to get in touch and follow rather than going all the way to the clinic.

Where: 508, legend siddhi apparts Street no 5, Himayathnagar Hyderabad

Contact: 9581028800



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