These Street Markets In Hyderabad Are The Best Retail Deal You Got!

There are several different types of street shopping that you can do in any given city. In Hyderabad however, you can shop for practically anything on the streets. As long as you’re ready to bargain and walk around the crowded bazaars, you will find all you need in the lowest of budgets. Here are a few must-shop places in Hyderabad:

General Bazaar (M.G. Road)

general bazaar

If you’re traveling from another city you could visit General Bazaar, located very conveniently in the heart of the city, close to paradise, it has a variety of kurtis, salwar sets, stoles, bags and accessories. It’s not very large, just one street full of shops and bandis but you are sure to get a load of trendy things at very good deals as long as you can bargain enough.

Koti Sultan Bazaar


Another stop for women’s clothing and beautiful silver accessories would be the well-known and loved Sultan Bazaar, being one of Hyderabad’s oldest street bazaars, it has grown in area and diversity over the years and will not disappoint you.

Laad Bazaar

laad bazaar

Have you heard of khara dupatas? Whether you have or not, you should buy them. While we’re at women’s clothing and accessories, how can we not mention the famous hyderabadi chudiyan? You will find the best of the colourful and glittery lacquer and glass bangles in Laad Bazaar. If bangles are not your thing, you can still choose from the variety of pearl and semi-precious earrings and necklaces.

Perfume Marketcs Bazzar

If you visit Laad Baazar, you must also visit the Perfume Market that’s very close by. From attar to other kinds of locally prepared perfumes that are sold in quaint glass jars and vials you will surely find something to take home. Apart from having a beautifully lingering odour, they would make a classy addition to your dressing table.

Mozzam Jahi Market

hyderabadi Bazaar

The moment you step into this market your senses are overwhelmed with the fragrances, colours and sounds. Here you will get fruits and groceries at a cheaper rate than other places in Hyderabad, but there are also delicious sweets, fresh flowers and pottery grabbing your attention. And if you haven’t yet gotten the “Nizam feel” of Hyderabad, you’re sure to get it here with the wholesale attar, hookah and.. wait for it.. ammunition!

Begum Bazaar

begum bazaar

A trip to the 150 year old Begum Bazaar is a must on your list. You will find literally everything you could possibly want here. Ranging from household necessities to toys to jewellery. You name it, you buy it. By the time you’re done with all this street shopping, not only will you have a lot of good steals for everyone in the family but you will walk away having really experienced the one of a kind Nizam-essence of Hyderabad.

Charminar Bazaar

street markets in Hyderabad

Charminar Bazaar is the unfailing woman’s delight. From radiant Choodi to flowing dupattas to the cute footwear to the signature fragrance, this bazaar serves every girl’s fancy in Hyderabad. The narrow alleys of Charminar seem to be the Paradise for Authentic Pearls. From Basra Pearls to Cultured Pearls, rare varieties of pearls can be handpicked at this market. An entire lane of Charminar Bazaar is dedicated to the pretty accessories- bangles, Charminar Bazaar which is one of the most stylish options for street shopping in Hyderabad.

Pot Market

street markets in Hyderabad

This market in Secunderabad is a hub for jewellery-both real and artificial-as also vegetables and garments. Located in Secunderabad, the Pot Market is one place where you can buy expensive items such as real and artificial jewellery while also opt to purchase daily items such as vegetables, fruits and even garments! This is a street shopping in Hyderabad which allows you to buy it all under one roof so that you do not waste time going anywhere else.

Jummeraat Bazaar (Chor Bazaar)

street markets in Hyderabad

Jummeraat, which literally means the eve of Friday, is the name given to this flea market that is set up every Thursday near the Muslim Jung bridge area near Begum Bazaar. This one begins just before sunrise and some stuff here is said to be stolen ware, which is why the market is informally also called Chor Bazaar.

There is no limit to what you might find here-from imitation jewellery to a whole cricket set that you can pick out for Rs 60. Torches, table ware, nails and hammers, new and second hand cycles, new and mostly second hand clothing; there’s a whole world out here. It opens as early as 5 am on Fridays!


street markets in Hyderabad

Nampally is a prominent shopping area in Hyderabad that can’t be missed if you want your shopping to be diverse.This market stocks loads and loads of bags, wallets, jewellery, bangles, clothes, footwear and purses and is quite renowned for the diverse merchandise sold here. The annually held Numisha-one of the biggest exhibitions of Indian produces-has its home in Nampally. And if you visit the region during that time(1st Jan to 15th Feb) you’ll find just about any conceivable products to buy. And for the rest of the year, well, there are still lot of awesomeness to be bought from here.

Abids Street

street markets in Hyderabad

From clothing to electronics, the shops in Abids Street offer something for everyone. A very popular shopping destination, you can also find some quality traditional craft-works on sale here. From a wide range of clothing to an array of electronic items, you will find it all here. Do check out the quality traditional crafts-work being sold here which are difficult to find anywhere else!
Try and visit the Sunday book bazaar in Abids too…  The books here are essentially second-hand original copies or the lesser desirable pirated versions. You can also sell your old books here. Of course, do bargain well for a good price whether you are buying or selling.

Ameerpet Junction

street markets in Hyderabad

One of the lesser explored but vast places for street shopping in Hyderabad is the Ameerpet Junction which is known for housing some of the most fashionable clothing for both men and women at reasonable rates. You are likely to find almost all kinds of silk sarees and cloth showroom with a very wide range of varieties. The saree shops here sell some of the most expensive and beautiful silk sarees which are a class-apart!

Antique Market

Known for a wide range of exotic and beautiful antiques, the Antique Market is one of the unique street shopping in Hyderabad where you can not only buy but also sell some stuff from your own antique collection!

From crockery from the time of the Nizams to quaint chandeliers that might not be original but replicas made to look like the original pieces, wooden chests, ornate mirrors, picture frames; every item in a shop supposedly has a history, though the authenticity of the shopkeepers’ stories should be taken as drama around the item.

Happy shopping!


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