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I am an Educationist and psychotherapist by profession, traveler by passion and blogger by choice. People know me as a classic ambivert, I love to meet people, can talk for hours but still need th...

November 7, 2019

Shrinkhla Thakur

Have The Best Masala Chai In Hyderabad- Love, Drink , Repeat!

“Ek Garam chai ki pyali ho”. Tea is india’s most favourite beverage and most of the tea lovers will agree on the point that nothing compares, a cup of hot masala tea for ever mood and weather. Tea is so famous that there are numerous songs written on it, so you can well understand the […]

November 5, 2019

Shrinkhla Thakur

Learn The Art Of Culinary Expertise- The Best Cooking Classes In Hyderabad

Food is a delight to every soul especially to the food lovers and the core foodies. There is even a better passion that some foodies hold and that is cooking. Some  people don’t only like to eat but they have an inclination to indulge in the art of preparing delicious dishes for themselves and their […]

September 19, 2019

Shrinkhla Thakur

The Season Calls For Some Fabulous Festive Wear For The Little Brigade

Festivals mark the beginning of celebration and harmony. This festive season dress your little one in the colors of celebrations. Let the joy of the season reflect in the wear of your beloved brats. Shop Kids clothing here for the festivities. Biba BIBA is one of the most liked ethnic brands in the country, they […]

September 8, 2019

Shrinkhla Thakur

If Marriages Are Made In Heaven, The Best Wedding Planners In Hyderabad Are Your People

Weddings are once in a life time event and everyone wishes this day of their life to be perfect and most memorable. Planning a perfect wedding is not an easy task, taking from the venue to the photographer a lot planning and preparations have to be seen to, which does come along with a lot […]

September 6, 2019

Shrinkhla Thakur

Fashion & Lifestyle ExhibitionsIn Hyderabad….The Festive Season Beckons!

Welcome to the world of fashion and lifestyle exhibitions happening in Hyderabad  in the month of September. Amp up your diva quotient this festive season…. these fashion and lifestyle exhibitions in Hyderabad are Lit! Soul Sante India by bringing people, products, artisans and performers from different walks. The event, as the name suggests, is a […]

August 10, 2019

Shrinkhla Thakur

Get Your Patriotic Nerves Twitching At These Independence Day Events In Hyderabad

Indian freedom was a hard fought battle. Not only the Independence Day, we must remind ourselves each day that the democracy we enjoy is priceless. This 15th August India will mark its 72nd Independence Day. Eve of Independence day is characterised by the President addressing the nation in a televised speech and the Prime Minister greeting […]

August 2, 2019

Shrinkhla Thakur

Friendships Call For Fun, So Pick The Best Friendship Day Bash In Hyderabad…

Remember those times when the night before exams we had chapters left untouched and we panicked, those days we had run completely broke or that hour when heart went derailed cause that boy we so liked didnt say hello!!!! And during all those distressed hours we always had that soul around us who made us […]

July 11, 2019

Shrinkhla Thakur

These Resorts Near Hyderabad Are Your #PeaceTime Goals!

Work hard and play harder, isn’t that we all start with but hectic schedules tend to keep us so engrossed that we are not able to take a break and spend some time relaxing and enjoying with our loved ones. Time constrains don’t not allow most people to take long adventurous holidays. Hence the best […]

June 2, 2019

Shrinkhla Thakur

Living In Hyderabad Is Luxury Now!

Hyderabad has been named as one of the best cities to live in and we would love to agree with it. Hyderabad is a perfect blend of seeping history and buzzing commerce. No matter where you come from and where you are going, if you have visited Hyderabad, you definitely will take a part of […]

January 18, 2019

Shrinkhla Thakur

Hey Baby!……The Best Baby Photographers In Hyderabad

Babies are blessings from the above and a reason to celebrate life. These little bundles of joy bring utmost delight to a parent and their innocence is the perfect memory to be captured forever.  Every moment with a child is special and there are people who make these moments even more special with their professional […]

November 7, 2018

Shrinkhla Thakur

Animal Shelters in Hyderabad !!

God made man and then he provided him with all the requirements that he needs; animals, trees, the air, rain, and the list can go on. Certain animals need human care and protection, constantly taking care of their daily needs. Some of us can adopt and welcome them into our homes and then there are […]

September 11, 2017

Shrinkhla Thakur

Put A Ring On It…Stores For Engagement Rings

Engagement ring is the first official gift to your partner. No matter, if it is a match made in Heaven or on Earth,  this precious ring will always be the most closest gift to your partner through out their life. So make it special by choosing the best for them. Carat lane Carat Lane was […]