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With so many heritages in the name of Hyderabad, the mosques here carry a special significance and history with it. Some are as old as 100 years and some have been always around. Praying in Islam is five times a day and you can hear the Azam, from the microphone, if you are even 100 meters away from one- A reminder to all musalmans that its time to pray. The colonies around have gotten used to its prayers and actually enjoy watching the beautiful monument while passing by. However, there are som…

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Navratri begins with a lot of gusto with not only the Guju crowd but the others as well. It is well said that Hindu festivals have a charm of their own. You won’t have a lot of silence or sophistication but there will definitely be going to be a lot of noise. The noise that will transform you to another world altogether. You will have music playing on “Dhol baje, Dholi Taro” and “Nagade sang dhol baje”, where your friends and family will be a part of it. In fact, you will find your parents tappi…

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