Make 2017 Your Best Year EVER !!

Everything that is around us is the world we’ve already created inside us!
Many a times, we look back at the times when we were really happy, bindaas…like school/college days. Times when simple honesty would make you fall in love with the boy next door, when a small gesture like throwing a pebble at you meant that he really liked you, when a few answers to the teacher’s questions would land you a project to write the school-book, when your acting in a school play would land you the position of head boy/girl!! So simple!
And then there are those tumultuous days where anyone who would ask, “how are you?” would feel like they’re mocking your existence, where every time you would hear a sad song you’d connect that to your pain, when watching a comedy you’d feel like walking away!! Simple…not so!
Whatever be the turn of events we have this undying urge to survive… to exceed a milestone, after another.
 This year, take a step forward to make it a year to remember…the best year so far!
1. Listen to your heart: Sounds like a cliche’…. what it really means is…stay yourself…don’t lose yourself. There’s a little person inside of us who is always eager to share their opinion and we often snub them due to the loud voices outside of us. Once in a while…listen…
2. Create a balance: The world around us envelops us in multiple grasps. As we grow, we find ourselves shuffle among distractions. Many a times we bring ourselves to our center and then lose again. It is okay to make choices, experiment but going astray should be controlled. Find your center and come back…create your balance, find your balance and stay.
find your joy
3. Shine: They say, smile causes a smile…. but who causes the first one? The answer is “you”. Every morning, get up with a smile. The start of the day needs to be fresh if you want to begin your day with positivity. Meet people throughout the day with a smile….shine!
4. Sleep well: Sleeping long is not the key. Sleeping well is. Now, there have been times when I have had disrupted sleep, no sleep, etc. How to counter that? Eat less at night. Don’t eat too late. Drink water before going to bed. Keep a water bottle by the bedside. Keep an early alarm, at least half an hour before you want to actually get up. Get up early and shine…(refer point 3.)
5. Health is wealth: Hitting the gym may not be the answer to your woes. Besides that eat healthy, drink lots of water and avoid oily food. I, being a complete foodie, have been through a roller coaster of a diet and finally I found what worked best for me. Kalli Purie, author of Confessions of a Serial dieter, suggested that our diet is like a soulmate…one for each one, find yours! The point I make here is, your health should be foremost. No compromise there. Start now to take control.
6. Un-clutter: Most commotion in our lives can be caused by clutter. Not just in our homes or offices but in our lives, in general. The secret is “un-clutter”. Start from the room you find is your sanctuary, then your home and finally your life. Make room, lots of room for things you wish you can put. That way your aspirations know they are responsible to fill the gaps.
7. Forgive and forget:  Had a tiff recently? Broke you with your lover? Had a massive heartbreak? Forgive….not easy but do it. Life is too short to keep grudges, and worst still carry the burden in your heart the whole life through. Many would say, its easier said than done. I say…what’s the point, giving importance to something/someone who is no more important. Forgive them…and then forget about the whole thing. Close the door behind and move on…
8. Love:  The most important emotion…which is precious for each and every soul in the universe. Don’t save this emotion for a special someone….just love. Love your family, love your friends, love your collegues, love your neighbors…and most of all, love life. No wonder, love makes the world go round. I believe in it. Just LOVE.
9. Create your family: Along the way, you find lakhs of people who touch your lives in some way or the other. Some stay forever and some leave. Every person has a circle of trust and people should not be allowed to randomly access the same. Because once they are in, they need to stay there forever. So make sure, you create only that space in your circle which you can call your family. People, you can fall back on, who make you smile, who carry your mirror around….those.
10. Release the demon: Fear is our ultimate demon. Throw it our of your system. How? Start by speaking positive words. They create our thoughts. So once we begin that, we automatically start conditioning our mind to think nice things, positive thoughts. Once that is achieved, we know that we are on the right track and there is nothing to fear about. What is going to happen should not be your focus (even though that should not stop you from panning for your future), but the arena of opportunities should be your playground. Do not use your energy on fear, use it to uplift yourself. Here I quote Robin Sharma who says ” The fears you don’t face become your limits. And the doubts you don’t deal with become your walls.”
It is interesting how all we say or think ultimately becomes our world around us. So be sure to create a world you can comfortably live in.
Keep the faith!

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