The Art of Breathing!!

While most people try out new fitness regimes to stay healthy, experts say that regulating our breathing or the art of breathing will go a long way in keeping you healthy.

We do so much to stay healthy. Walking, swimming,… So many things but we pay so less attention to one simple thing which is the breathing. Experts know this since long time: proper breathing can not just help you stay fit and reduce the effects of stress, but also lower blood pressure and heart irregularities, improve digestion and decrease anxiety. Furthermore it also helps to control your mind and reduce body fat.

the art of breathing

Great, but what to do , you may ask.

There is a focus on that in several group classes like Pilates or Pilardio®. This classes will help you to control your mind and to breath deeply- so that you´ll get the whole benefits you can. There is also a special focus for breathing technique in yoga.

You see, there are several breathing techniques which works differently to yield specific benefits. Most important is breathing slow and deeply.

Important is to find the best for you right now. In that way – breath deeply,

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Jasmin Waldmann
International fitness expert & consultant in India,
Mental Coach & Director of Pilardio®

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