Hot, happening and Wilde- the charm of being Olivia Wilde

Let me ask you a question. What would cause you the maximum pain if you were to stand quite close to the site of a bomb explosion? For sure, the fire and its explosive impact would break you. The velocity of the impact with the combination of glass, crushers, pins, nails etc would tether you. But, don’t you think it’s the slow poisoning caused by the shrapnel wounds that would hurt the most? Wouldn’t that be ‘Wilde’ unbearable pain?

cowboys women

It certainly hurts; but it’s worth it

It probably just might be so.

In the entertainment world where bizarre shenanigans hurt more than a bomb explosion, things can often go “Wilde” and awry. In their bid to excite and entice, entertain and seduce fans toward the silver screen, stars leave no costumed untried and no look or personality sketch unexplored. But few, with regards to their on-screen mannerisms and off-screen antics can match a certain Olivia Wilde.

To say that the woman who just turned 32 is beautiful would be like attempting to capture the after-effect of a night of binge drinking on wine; it just can’t be. You see, “it’s the slow cut of the shrapnel that hurts the most”, does it not? Among the ludicrous on-screen rants and ‘over the top’ behavior that Hollywood’s starry diva’s are known to carry, Olivia Wilde’s resonant beauty cuts across the hype like a ‘shrapnel blow’.

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 05: Actress Olivia Wilde attends 2013 DVF Awards at United Nations on April 5, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

Those light grey eyes, the dimpled cheeks, that earthen halo that seems to surround everywhere she goes, the “Drinking Buddies”  actress exudes a gentle “Rush” wherever she goes. Tall and agile, gifted with a smile that can unlock the nastiest hearts’ rebuttal to communicate, Olivia Wilde is the picture-perfect postcard that Hollywood leaves on its viewers’ mind.

In a league of her own – Olivia Wilde

It isn’t everyday that one gets to witness the near perfect culmination of acting talent and appealing beauty. And, when that happens, provided your memory books send the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Radha Mitchell, Sophie Marceu, Elizabeth Taylor and Katherine Heigel for a stroll in the park, you land at the Olivia Wilde station. You begin to unfurl the magic that the journey to the “Wilde” spot begins to flatter you with.

A question, however, must be asked at this important junction!


Are looks the only thing that matter for an actress? Can’t talent suffice alone?

Whether you agree to disagree, it takes the best of both the worlds, in most cases, unless otherwise, to make magic happen. And more often than not, when Olivia Wilde unfurls that magic on the silver screen as only she can, using the mellow melody of her voice to engage audiences spread across the world albeit, united by its common love for the diva, the world starts to feel a better place, despite the showbiz’ uber cool tantrums and those topsy-turvy rides that pretty much do nothing better than serve glib where it isn’t needed.

lazarus effect

Olivia, who has been around for just over a decade, starring in movies actively since 2004, has been the road runner for mainstream commercial successes such as “Her”, “Tron: legacy”, Cowboys and Aliens, Drinking Buddies and many other films. Starting out with meaningful roles in varied television series cut out nearly perfectly for the soul with a million dollar smile seemed just the ideal thing for Wilde, who never compromised with her polish and rigor toward improving her innate talent.

The leggy lass, one who has romanced the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Jim Carrey, Luke Wilson, Liam Neeson and many of Hollywood’s gargantuan talents has an appetite for hard-work and  rigor and her charming nuance of effortlessly going about her on-screen avatars seems to convey her regard for her work and the passion she has put into her work.

Not in a ‘Rush’


In the mesmerizing world of movies, where fans crave for instant gratification, consuming movies and, a slice of their favorite actors, Olivia Wilde’s on screen appearances have served both ecstasy and the craving for feeling it. In fact, while the longing to be longed for by Olivia is nothing short of deriving narcissistic pleasure

Thoughtful and intuitive, naturally good looking and a delightful talker who gets on pretty fine with almost everyone, the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Piers Morgan and Ellen DeGeneres have been greatly helped by Olivia Wilde’s persuasive eyes on their shows.

She’s miles from being taken too seriously as an actress who could perhaps match the likes of a Julia Roberts or a Kate Winslet but, does that even feature on the list of the “Her” starlet? Probably not!

She’s got everything going for her


If promiscuous is a word that exists in your dictionary to describe a plan that goes the other way, then probably the milestone on that route bears the name of Olivia Wilde. The fashionable Susie in “Rush”, the hardworking and emotionally vulnerable chick in “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”, a happy go lucky chilled out diva in “Drinking buddies”, this New Yorker may just be Hollywood’s lotus in a contaminated pond.

Quite possibly, they are still to tap the real acting talent that Wilde possesses and who knows, she may well find her way into the heart of Bond? Sky’s the limit for Mrs. Jason Sudekis.



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