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7 ‘Holi like’ Colour Festivals Around The World

February 26, 2020

Happy Holi folks! If you thought the festival of colours is celebrated just in India, you gotta check that again! There’re many places around the globe where people love playing with colours and water and celebrate it in their own way, if not on the same date and day.

What’s Up Life get you in the groove of this colourful festival with seven spectacular celebrations done worldwide, inspired by our very own Holi.

Life In Color

life in color

‘Life In Color’ is famous as the “world's largest paint party” out there in Florida. A concept that started in 2011 as a college festival has progressed in to a worldwide colour party.

The festival itself has become so big that its’ spring tour ventured internationally to Manchester, UK, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Paraguay, Turkey, and Dubai and it featured performances by electronic musicians, joined by artistic performers with tour's signature spraying of the audience with paint throughout the show.

Where: Miami, Florida, Manchester, UK , Costa Rica, Guatemala, Paraguay, Turkey, and Dubai

Holi One

Holi one london

Originated from London, ‘Holi One’ accumulates thousands of people, dressed in white to share music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation. Now, the festival brings this unforgettable experience to cities all around the world.

Just like all the Holi parties, people keep chucking vast quantities of coloured powder paint, but at hourly intervals. One can expect an intensely colourful day of music, dance and getting gloriously messy.

Where: Cape Town, London and Manchester

Water Fight / Songkran

Songkran 2017

Also denotes arrival of Thai new year, this festival is welcomed with the world's biggest water fight. Thai people and tourists indulge in water fights, approaching each other with water balloons. This festival, held between April 13 and April 15, envisages the concept of cleansing with water in order to purify and renew.

Where: Majorly in Bangkok, Thailand

Festival Of Colours

Holi Festival

Rooted in ancient Indian tradition, ‘Festival of Colors’ is a hippie’s paradise. It’s a music festival with a dash of colour, featuring bands like The Bhakti Dance, this one has a peaceful and tranquil demeanour. One can enjoy sampling of locally-sourced vegetarian cuisine, live music, yoga, dancing, and of course, the opportunity shower yourself (and total strangers) in vibrant colours.

Where: Oceanside Pier Ampitheater, 200 North Strand, Oceanside, CA

Mumbai Color Festival

Mumbai Color Festival

‘Mumbai Colour Festival’, named after our very own city, is an ethnic festival from the Netherlands.

Held every year in May, the concept is based on our very own Holi festival. The carnival here becomes a huge musical playground, where revellers dance to house and techno amongst powder bombs bursting with colour.

The idea behind the event is to break down race differentiation, and to bring everyone together under a blanket of colour.

Where: Utrecht, Netherlands

The Colour Run

color colour run

One can get a taste of Holi in London, where 'The Colour Run' festival originated from. Participants run in a five-kilometre street, wearing a white shirt and as the colours are sprayed at them they, get covered from head to toe with every kilometre of the course. The event takes place in the cities of London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham.

Where: Wembley Park, London

Holi Garden Festival

ibiza colour holi

Holi Garden Festival debuted in Ibiza 2014 with a six date mini-season. A riot of colour, music, and positive spirit, the festival quickly aligned with everything Ibiza is about, and has found the perfect home in the unusual and peaceful setting of Benimussa Park.

Here’s what to expect: Partying under the Ibiza sun, covering your mates in paint, and all to the sounds of some world class DJs ... what's not to like?

Where: Benimussa Park, San Antonio, Ibiza

- Contributed by Ruchika Wadhwa Bhalla

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