5 Hippie Destinations in India

The hippie culture and its influence has been existing in India since ages and the hippies are still living up to the idea of free spirit in the Indian style. Here is a list of destinations in India where the hippie culture is still prevalent. Hope these peaceful locations and glorious herbs give you the trance you need:


hippie destinations in india

Goa is said to be as one of the most obvious hippie locations. Visit Goa to get soaked in sun and loose yourself in the amalgamation of various cultures that exist here. Since Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches, you can set yourself free in the trance or in the psychedelic music. Anjuna and Vagator beach are much talked about for their night long raves.


hippie destinations in india

Varkala, in Kerala is known for its churches and backwaters. But that’s not all, apart from this there is also a different side to Varkala. Varkala Beach is famous as it is home to a large number of hippies who get trippy and consider it as a haven. It is said that no one is going to disturb you here because no one cares. There are a number of shacks and cafes where you can head down to beat all those hunger pangs which is going to arrive later.


The beautiful and pristine land of Himalayas is going to make you forget the beaches. Kasol is regarded to be as Himachal’s well- kept secret with beautiful landscapes and breath taking views. Parvati Valley is considered to be as one of the most famous place in Kasol if you wish to be a part of the rave circuit. Bring your mood alive by entering any one of those cafes and listening to some EDM.


hippie destinations in india

Malana is situated in Himachal and is kissed by the snow capped mountains. Regarded as the ultimate cannabis destination, the weather of this place is totally amazing and so are the majestic views and hasish. All you gotta do here is get zoned out and go into your parallel universe. It is safe to obtain a permit before you enter into the villages of Malana


hippie destinations in india

Almora, the name in itself sounds like one that is a magical world which is enclosed from another world. This tiny town is situated in Uttarakhand and is frequently visited by the hippie crowd for its Crank Ridge which is a hill located just above Almora and is loved by the nirvana seekers. This mystical hamlet is a place you need to visit straightaway if you are looking for a journey of self discovery.

Which destination are you planning to get high on?…….the correct way!



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