Ready to Eat Healthy Snacks for Kids !!

In essence our life has become quite convenient with the invention of gadgets likewise in today’s world even things like food is just a click away. This post is for all you working mothers out there nonetheless worried about their child’s health. Plan your schedule accordingly and you can provide wholesome nutrients to your child.

Here are some of the food items that are prepared and processed along with love and tender care to bring perfection and trust.

MTR Ready to Eat Pav Bhaji

With the spicy aroma and wholesome veggies MTR offers yet another product through long time of trust and support from their trustworthy customers. Order this ready to made mix to save time and cost coupled with your child’s health. Hence, welcome the little member of your family with a hot steaming bowl of bhaji and soft fresh pav.


Product details:

Weight : 300g

Price : 75 INR

Tips:  Garnish the bhaji with finely chopped fresh coriander leaves and onions.

         Serve with buttered buns and green pudina chutney.

healthy snacks for kidsHandi Chilli Cheese Corn Nuggets


Which kid doesn’t have appetite for cheese? And what more do you need if your child is getting taste + health too. Made with protein rich ingredients like pulses, soya and chick peas they make a perfect healthy snack indeed. The best part is they will crave for them and then they’ll not ask for more because cheese above all serves as a heavy ingredient and this combination of corn and cheese makes them steal the show. These fillers will finally make your child go crazy in love with you.

Product details:

Weight: 450g

Price: 190 INR

Tips:  Serve them with tandoori or jalapeno dip.

Tiffin-To-Go Lemon Rice


Tiffin-To-Go offers many different combos with rice via amazon shopping. To begin with packaging they come in this little plastic container which is designed in the shape of a glass. Eventually snacks and little eatables can never replace a meal  Go for this ready to made lemon rice which comes seasoned with coriander leaves, green chillies, pulses, green peas. Equally important part is that they don’t use any lemon flavored color or preservatives.

Product details:

Weight : 87g

Price : 120 INR


Moroccan Couscous


It is an African dish made from nuts, chickpeas, lemon zest, olive oil, broccoli, carrot, capsicum which altogether gives your child a nutritive meal.

Product details:

Weight : 87g

Price : 150 INR

MTR mix Khaman Dhokla


This delicious traditional Gujarati snack comes all the way just to keep your child happy and satisfied. You can serve it for the breakfast or even you can pack it for their lunch box. It is light and fluffy and serves as an instant solution for their little hungry stomach.

Product details:

Weight : 300g

Price : 45 INR

Tips :  Serve them with green chutney.

Desi Mealz Ready to Eat Breakfast Pack


This appetizing parcel comes with salubrious items which will undoubtedly attract your child’s hunger. This comes in a pack of six tiny boxes of masala upma, plain upma, tamarind poha, masala poha, tomato vermicelli, lemonee vermicelli instantly providing wholesome foods coupled with different varieties. Children especially tend to get appealed more towards something which comes in a package. Moreover these little boxes of happiness will nourish and protect your child from unnecessary cravings which leads them to unhygienic junk like noodles and soft drinks.

Product details:

Weight (each box) : 80 and 100g

Price : 310 INR

Betty Crocker Pancake Mix


Finally we thought of coming up with something that children really adores at the bottom of this list. This is of course one of the favorites among the huge list of our children. In addition to preferences it comes with the richness of butter and crème, Betty Crocker’s pancake mix is a really delicious option to go besides this you can easily make them on early mornings to keep them cheerful and alive for the entire day.

Product details:

Weight : 500g

Price : 250 INR

Tips:  Tastes best with jam, chocolate syrup, nutella, cream cheese fruits and honey.


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