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What? There Is Facebook Page With 248K Followers Called “I Hate Coriander”

September 20, 2019

As we are aware that people frame certain opinions in their minds regarding specific foods, though on the other hand some people take their feelings on the other side.

For example there are 220,000 people who have been the followers of a facebook page titling “I Hate Coriander”. That's right, a whole Facebook page dedicated to people who hate dhaniya.

hate coriander facebook page

In preparing some special dish “dhaniya” occupies most important part of the same, without which that dish becomes tasteless - either as a garnish or in base preparations. On the other hand there's a class of people who consider “dhaniya” in a dish as a devil’s herb.. And all of them follow this Facebook page religiously. 

That specific section of the people who badly dislikes coriander use three specific words for it - We Hate Coriander. It is brimming with people slandering the herb; from hate-filled memes to selfies giving fields of coriander the middle finger, and even a 'fuck coriander' tattoo.

hate coriander facebook page

A study has been conducted on the people who hates coriander & on the other hand who likes coriander.When comparing the DNA of coriander haters to coriander lovers, the researchers found a gene thought to be associated with haters that found it soapy-tasting, instead of fruity as intended.
Although guys may hate coriander, yet you best believe we will still be asking for free dhaniya from our mandi.

Contributed by Mansi

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