Move Over Written Text, It’s Time For Emojis To Do The Talking

Today, the first thing which popped up on my Facebook news feed was a “Happy World Emoji Day” from Facebook with all the familiar emojis right on top of it. And I couldn’t help myself from taking a screenshot and sharing it across with a friend who perhaps is obsessed these tiny characters/things.The greatest irony being, I too, sent her a text full of emojis after sharing the screenshot. So, by the time our conversation ended, we were wondering who indeed was more obsessed.

various emojis

Emojis have changed the way we perceive or look at any conversation. Not that you don’t know about it, but since it’s a day which is being celebrated worldwide, I HAD to mention this. Be it your Whatsapp groups which are loaded with inspirational, religious or any kind of messages you begin or end your day with or personal conversations, there is no end to emojis which we can see any sooner. So, I guess I won’t be wrong if I term emojis as “immortal”. With changing times we have made these tiny lil’ things very much part of our virtual expressions while talking to each other.

Feeling hungry? There are loads of emojis out there right from pizza to broccoli to convince someone that you are indeed feeling hungry.
Want to express love? Oh! Let the emojis do the talking with all the various kinds of love reactions out there.
Want to express your anger or current mood? Select from a multitude of emojis and you are sorted for the day
And this is not all that we have, the list is just endless and has it’s own set of evolution. Emoji GIF’s being one of them.

Talk about popularity and trend, there is a movie too, which has been based on them – The Emoji Movie (Feeling clueless? It’s high time you watch this one today!)

So, from all of us at What’s Up Life, wishing you a Happy Emoji Day. Let’s be as expressive  in real life as we are through emojis. Oh well, well! Show this to someone who isn’t a fan of emojis and let them realize what they are missing out on.



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