Halal Vs Jhatka….Know the Difference

If you are a true carnivore, many a debate would have been waged to which your presence was mandatory; as to which kind of meat is better. For some it comes down to religious sentiment and we can all appreciate that fact; but for the true carnivorous connoisseur it comes down to taste. There are various methods of preparing meats; Halal, Haram, Jhatka, Stunning, Kosher. I know, it’s a lot to “digest”; but for the sake of this article, lets just focus on the real “meat”, Halal vs Jhatka.

halal vs jhatka

What is the Halal method of meat preparation? Halal translates to “permissible” in Arabic; meaning that it adheres to Islamic law. As defined in the Quran, the animal must be alive and healthy, and be cut through the jugular vein. Once cut, it is allowed to bleed out; while a dedication is recited, known as Tasmiya.

halal vs jhatka

Jhatka on the other hand is a method by which the animal is killed instantly, by a single strike and there is no necessity for a slow bleed in this style. Similar to Muslims, this style of meat is mandated for Sikhs as it was first stated by their tenth Guru.

So, well, now at least we know the exact method behind each style and the reason for their popularity. It still doesn’t answer as to which is better tasting. So, lets get into this aspect of both methods. The fact is that when you sever the head off an animal, the blood will clot as t hasn’t had a chance to drain out if the body of its own will. This meat then needs to be cleaned again, as blood clots can lead to a faster spoilage rate in the meat.

halal vs jhatka


This also in turn leads to rigor mortis as the longer the meat is kept out of cold storage, the more likely it is to suffer from rigor mortis and hence shrinking and hardening. Technically, meaning that halal meat is more tender, stays longer and shrinks less. While these are all valid points, there is an argument that in Jhatka method the meat does have a fuller flavor. There isn’t any evidence to suggest it, but it is something many Jhatka meat enthusiasts have said.

So there you have it, these are the details that you should know about the next time there is a conversation about whether Halal or Jhatka meat should be a winner. That being said, I have to say, I have had both kinds of meat; and still to this day can not tell the difference between either. I think it has a lot to do with how meat is cooked and more importantly prepared for cooking. So, no matter what your choice is, there is no wrong or right; just always remember to enjoy your meal to its’ fullest.


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