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Zangoora - The Gypsy Prince Theatre, Plays & Live Shows

North Gurgaon (DLF Phase 1-5 | South City-1 | Sushant Lok-1 | Sector-29)
zangoora show
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Think Nautanki. An art form for many, it is a term associated with live theatre – mostly the folk kind, playing out in the rural and semi-urban landscapes of the country. Zangoora is, in many ways, one of those bedtime stories your grandmother may have narrated: an infant prince, whisked away by a loyalist when the king and queen are murdered by a minister, is brought up by gypsies only to find out the truth in adulthood. He then seeks revenge to claim his rightful place on the throne, and everyone lives happily thereafter.

Kingdom of Dreams, Sector-29, City Center, Gurgaon

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Kingdom of Dreams, Sector-29, City Center, Gurgaon


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