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Sham Emporium Pvt Ltd
Sham Emporium Pvt Ltd
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Gurugram's biggest independently owned furniture and furnishings store with over 3 outlets in Gurgaon. Everything they sell is designed to inspire and to excite. Sham Emporium is One stop-shop solution for all home decor needs. Their extensive range comprises the best British made furniture, the best from around the world, and all the famous brands. When you shop at Sham Emporium the service doesn’t stop after the sale. From design to delivery no one cares more about your furniture than they do.

At Sham Emporium they passionately believe that intelligently designed offices significantly improve every aspect of a business. They enhance brand identity, attract and retain talent, strengthen staff productivity and morale which ultimately leads to a more profitable business. They have developed the skills and tools needed to provide invaluable guidance for all their Clients. 

Paras Trinity, Sector 63
Quality Policy

The purpose Quality Policy is to ensure-
• Designing and delivering projects that are defect free, on time and on budget 
• Maintaining personal contact with our Client and actively involving them throughout the duration of the project 
• Developing mutually beneficial relationships with Clients, sub-contractors and suppliers 
• Monitoring and reviewing our performance to identify and implement continual improvements to our quality management system and related processes 
• Being committed to the competence, training, professionalise and health & safety of our employees 
• Learning from experience, permanently correcting mistakes and preventing future problems and complaints 
• Communicating the requirements of our management system to our staff and others who may affected by our activities

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Paras Trinity, Sector -63, Gurugram. 


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