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North Gurgaon (DLF Phase 1-5 | South City-1 | Sushant Lok-1 | Sector-29)
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SportyBeans is India’s most reputable multi-sport program for children (aged 1.5-8 years). SportyBeans seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle, develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport. Their aim is not only to teach the sport but to make the child’s first introduction to sport exciting and memorable. Over the years, SportyBeans has provided thousands of children with an introduction to a range of sports and social skills, along with a newfound confidence to help succeed on and off the field.

American Excelsior School, B-Block Sushant Lok-1, Sector-43, Gurgaon

Multi Sport Program

The flagship program running over the entire year, with two classes per week covering 9 ball sports viz Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby and Hockey. SportyBeans separates kids into three distinct age groups, which encourage each child to maximize their involvement and development potential : Junior Beans, Mighty Beans, and Mega Beans.

Parent Tot Program

Parent Tot program gives Toddlers a very early start towards developing a love for Sport as well and helps enhance the relationship between the Parent and Toddler through various games developed specifically to increase and enhance teamwork and coordination between them. Their multi-sport setup gives parents an opportunity to have a direct hand in their child’s physical development. 

Vacation Camps & Clinics

SportyBeans summer and winter vacation camps help girls and boys break up the school holidays with plenty of skill-based sports, creative exploration and fun.Available in morning and evening sessions, SportyBeans camps focus on our core multi-sport activities along with an exciting mix of sport-focused arts and crafts, painting, story telling and enactment, team building games, theme days and more. 

New Batch

These following running batches have limited seats available.

Monday to Thursday

Batch 1 -   5-6 PM     age 4 - 6

Batch 2 -   6-7 PM     age 3 - 4.5

Tuesday To Friday

Batch 3 -  5-6 PM     age 5 - 7

Batch 4 -  6-7 PM      age 2.5 - 4        

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American Excelsior School, B-Block Sushant Lok-1, Sector-43, Gurgaon 

8882785785 + 5124(Extension No)

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In School Program

Organised, structured and safe, SportyBeans In-School programs are a terrific complement to any outdoor play or physical development program within school hours, promoting physical literacy in a fun, non-competitive environment that builds sports skills and fosters self-confidence. SportyBeans Co-Curricular programs offer students instruction in selected sports, along with a bi-annual assessment (at the halfway mark and at the end of the year) and typically span the entire school year. 

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