This ‘Vada Pao Wali Aunty’ In Sector 4 Has Us Gushing!

Thinking of some crispy, piping hot Vadas alongside some spicy garlic chutney, and softest Paos. Here’s a place where you should be. The “Vadapao wali aunty” is so motherly, she will ask you every time, whether you liked it or not.

Aunty has a small shack in the center of Sector 4, stealing the hearts away from the aroma of fried batata vada.

She is quicker than any of the QSR Chains. The moment you order a Vada Pao, your order is on its way. By the time you sort money of your wallet, your Vada Pao is ready.

Your Vada Pao is accompanied with spicy salt-seasoned green chillies. So, head here to this Vada Pao shack to savour your street food needs.

By Ishan Sharma


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