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I have been living in Gurgaon for over 5 years now yet everyday feels like I am new to this city because every day, I come across a new hidden charm this city holds.

How I came to this realization you ask? As a WUG guide to amazing places in Gurgaon, I get to interact with a lot of people. Out of those many, one rather peculiar person asked me – “What is it about Gurgaon that you love this city so much?” And quite honestly, I didn’t have a precise answer. What could have I possibly said about this city that has not been said before?

gurgaon rapid metroI was born and brought up in Delhi, have done my schooling from there, most of my relatives live there and most importantly; my childhood was spent in that city. Yet today, sitting over my computer, why is it that it is easy for me to say MY Gurgaon and not MY Delhi.

It is something about this city, isn’t it? This city breaks all stereotypes. It is located in Haryana but is far from the rural influence of other cities in its state. It has diversity unlike Delhi, which is largely influenced by Punjabi culture. It is the meccah for Industry aspirants, a synonym for luxury living and a rationale of the evolving lifestyle which indulges not just the youth but people from all age groups. And don’t forget the taus and the thekas! 😉

In this fast paced, competitive world, peace and serenity is a rare commodity and yet it is one of the essential elements which bring balance to a person. We often compare development with materialistic gains. While metro, malls and hospital are crucial in our day-to-day functioning, a city which cannot give you a moment’s peace is no better than an under-developed city.

Today, I ask all of my townies to take out time from such materialistic pleasures and explore Gurgaon in its true element. Soak in all the gratification this city has to offer. As a part of WUG, here are few of the places I recommend my first timers:

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is one of the few sanctuaries of the city. This place is largely popular because of the large diversity of the birds and the photographers that flock this place.


Best time to visit would be during morning hours, when the light is just fine.

Where: Furkhnagar Road, Gurgaon

Leisure Valley Park

A continuum of theme garden to take care of the body and spirit of the city. A picturesque place to visit with friends and family. Best time to visit would be during the evening hours, when the hue of the sun setting melds with the lush green surroundings and the euphonious sound of the musical fountain.

Where: Sector 29, Gurgaon

faridabad road gurgaon

Mountain View Drive

Now this is one place you will not find on any of the travel blogs or website. Mountain-view drive is nothing but a stretch of a very well-constructed road which falls on the way from Delhi to Gurgaon via Chattarpur. As soon as you touch the Delhi-Gurgaon road, there is a small stretch of road on the left hand, running parallel to the Le Meridien hotel. Best time to visit would be on a windy/rainy day, with a warm coffee or even “nariyal pani from the bhaiya sitting on the left shoulder of the road just few kms from the starting of the road.” And your choice of melody, take your partner out for a comfortable drive or travel solo.

Where: Connecting road between MG Road & Gurgaon

Damdama Lake

It is one of the biggest lakes in Haryana. For a typical “jhil kinare, dil yeh pukare” moment, Damdama lake is your next weekend getaway destination. It’s again very popular amongst photographers and nature romanticists. Shimmery and algid lake water not only attracts the birds but a large number of tourists and backpackers who are looking for an escape from the hot boiling summers of NCR.

Where: Sohna, Gurgaon

Sohna Sulphur Springs

Sohna is famous for its sulphur springs, reputed for their medicinal properties, with the temperature ranging from 46.10c to 51.70c. The springs are located at the feet of a perpendicular rock, and are capped by a dome believed to have been built in the 14th century. There is a spa complex setup for tourists which offer sauna, steam and sulphur bath facilities. Apart from the modern-day luxury offerings, these springs have a rather influential historical significance. Gurgaon itself is said to be Guru Dronacharya’s residing place (Guru-gaon). It is said that Arjun (one of the five Pandav brothers) dug wells (now a mini-pool) in these springs when he was thirsty.

Where: Sohna, Gurgaon

sheesh mahal gurgaonSheesh Mahal, Gurgaon

Another historically important place in Gurgaon which has played a crucial part in molding the present of our town, Sheesh Mahal was built by a Mughal ruler, Farrukh Shah in 1711 AD. It has the Mughlai taste of grandeur and elegance and the modifications brought post-Mughal era.

Situated bang in the center of a busy market yet so far from the hustle bustle of the city , Sheesh Mahal is the perfect place to find your peace and tranquility.         

Where: Farrukhnagar, Gurgaon

Pataudi Palace, Gurgaon

Also called as Ibrahim Kothi, Pataudi Palace is the former place of residing of the Nawabs of Pataudi. It is now a part of the Neemrana Hotels. Metonym for luxury and class, this weekend getaway will sure cause a heavy dent on your pocket.

Where: Pataudi, Haryana

Museum of Folk and Tribal Art, Gurgaon

House of the natives’ culture, this museum connects the urban to the tribal. Founded by multi-talented historian, sculptor and painter, K.C. Aryan, MFTA is more than just a museum. It’s a mirror. A mirror which reflects our roots and our culture. A place I will personally take my non-Indian friends who believe that India is a land of snake charmers and silly voodoo magic.

Where: Sector 4, Gurgaon

not seen in gurgaon gurugram

These are one of the many alluring places in Gurgaon. There are still many undiscovered places which have yet not found their way in on our list. Tell us about your favorite places in Gurgaon. Send in your entries on

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