The Traits Of An Old Gurgaon Wala

As one drives down the National Highway no. 8, one can clearly see two distinct faces, the old and new of the same city. Old Gurgaon, a mini Guragon in itself, or let’s just say the real Gurgaon reatins its original essence. The people here have peculiar traits, habits and characteristics, their own culture. You resident of Millennium City of Gurgaon are bragging about terrace gardening. Have you heard of terrace sleeping?! Ahaa! Welcome to the life of an Old Gurgaonwala! Let’s see what are the other peculairities.

Sector 15, 14 & 17 are the most developed and sort after living areas on this side of the highway and a lot of Business Families, Administrative Office Residences and Rich natives of Old Gurgaon shifted to this part of the town for the ease of being connected to old part as well and also easy access to Delhi & Highway.

Everyone Knows Everyone!

While in swanky Gurgaon, you may have to rack your brains struggling to remember the name of your very next door neighbour, in Old Gurgaon, everyone knows everyone nad the camaraderie and kinship shared is deeper. Chances are if you are navigating to find some house number and stop by seeking help from another ‘CloneyWala”, they may ask for the name of the person to guide you.

Sada Sadar Bazaar

sadar bazaarWhile women living in condominiums or Noveu Gurgaon, which is quite literally the other side of the fence or highway, are taking their entire paraphernelia from the driver to the maid to the cook to grab deals at hyper markets, damsels in good old Gurgaon keep their loyalties steadfast to wholesale markets and general storesin Sadar. That’s another thing that they live relatively nearer to Sadar, but that’s not the only reason. Unlike the malls and the supermarkets, the products here, be it daily needs, spices, dry fruits, clothes, are cheaper and there is more variety. Also, the vegetable market next to Sadar Bazaar offers fresh produce.

Hum Saath Saath Haingurgaon familyThe joint family system exists either in Sooraj Barjatiya’s Hum Saath Saath Hain or in Old Guragon! Waht, with several generations living happily under the same roof.

Less Of Baahar Ka Khaana (:

Don’t you know good old Pammi ji can cook just about anything in her kitchen (with ingredients from Sadar, but of course!). Call it conventional mindset or put it on the joint family system where papaji eats only ghar ka khaana, people order lesser food from outsideand choose to cook at home. The Percentage of Food Home delivery orders is lesser as compared in New Gurgaon which is perhaps why most fast food chains are on this side of the LoC!

Mini Punjab

Punjabis are ominpresent! And Old Gurgaon can be called a mini Punjab in itself. It seems to have rained Punjabis here. Rained and now its reigned by them.

Chal Meri Scooter

A lot of homes, despite having car/cars would most definitely still own a two wheeler, be it an Activa or a Motorcycle. For running errands, or calling on someone, everyone from papaji to the youngest member of the clan Bittu, could be seeing zipping through the narrow lanes on the family’s two wheeler. Actually a very practical mindset given the traffic snarls and virtually no parking space anywhere.

Open Air Suites (A Healthy Habbit)

old gurgaon

You migrant resident living in a fancy New Gurgaon home may be bragging about terrace gardening. Have you experienced terrace sleeping?! Despite air conditioners and coolers, this is perhaps one of the few parts of Delhi NCR where SOME* people still sleep on their terraces during summer months. And no, it has nothing to do with saving electricity! They’re just habitual of it and are a bolder lot (in terms of both mosquitoes and burglars!). You can’t have a better & more refreshing sleep than one under the nature.

No Italian or Thai, Long Live Our Local Halwai

Remember that Anushka Sharma-Ranveer Singh flick where the wdding having under a tent, either in the part or blocking the road, with shakar paaras and shahi panner prepared by the local halwai. Yes, Old Gurgaon still retains that element, with most weddings and functions happening with supplies from the halwai.

Shanta Bai is Part Time Bai

While agencies and hoity toity English speaking maids long made their entry in the homes oops apartments of New Gurgaon, Old Gurgaon still relies on the part time bais or domestic help. In relative terms, the culture is completely at variance and so are the salalries.

We Belong To Gurgaon

Last but not the least, Old Gurgaon walas have more of a sense of belonging for their habitat and definitely a better sense of security. While most of us living this side of the highway make a hue and cry about issues such as safety and infrastructure, Old Gurgaon walas are very contented and secure in their environment. Rarely would you hear them crib or feel insecure about.


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