The Hidden Gem In Gurgaon That Will Let You Get Carried Away…. Together At 12th!

“A dream you dream alone, is only a dream; A dream you dream together is Reality”- John Lennon captured the true essence of what I am about to delve into. In the midst of the city hullabaloo, there is a haven to get whisked away into, brought together in a cumulative venture, by a passionate group of people- Welcome to the world of Together At 12th!

The Story That Brought It All Together!

Brought to life by renowned mixologist, Nitin Tewari, management expert Tanisha Phanbuh, Food expert and Chef Vanshika Bhatia and Marketing expert Ridhu Bhatia- they stand true to the concept of bringing together everything of relevance and camaraderie, which is what Together At 12th breathes! As they say “Coming Together is the beginning, Working together is Success’, the super 4 have found each other at the right time, and built the essence from scratch.

Get ‘Together’

Together At 12th

This hidden gem of a restaurant, bar, lounge overlooks the Aravallis on one end and the most gorgeous Gurgaon sunset over the skyline, from the 12th floor of Le Meridien, just a couple of kilometres from the MG Road border, accessible from both the highway as well as MG Road. Done plenteous write ups on the most romantic places, the best sunsets, insta-worthy restaurants, best photography destinations- Together At 12th bundles all of that together into its warm, modernistic yet soothing ambiance.

Operating as a stand alone restaurant, independent of the hotel, Together At 12th brings a classic ambiance together with innovative cocktails, bar nibbles and food menu.

Here Is Why ‘Together At 12th’ Is The Gem You Need To Explore…

Together At 12th

Farmer’s Market Sunday Brunch– Satisfying dishes, countless cocktails and an amazing ambiance, is the Sunday Brunch at Together At 12th, in a line…. but the experience will last just a bit longer, with different farmers and artisans every Sunday, selling their produce alongside their ongoing brunch.

Together At 12th

A freestyle menu, that changes according to the availability of the ingredients as they use only local seasonal produce. Incorporating the chef’s innovative streak with the aim to bring everyone ‘together’, is your favourite day or evening in the making! Innovation transcends to their Bamboo Chili Chicken, Upcycled Tortelloni and Duck Pasta... to name a few.

A haven for a true cocktail connoisseur– A ‘Lets Get Carried Away Together’ sign can be spotted at the bar area, setting the tone of the menu. Every single cocktail is a story that begins with a nutty fruity beer concoction called ‘First Drink We Had’ followed by the sour sweet Old Monk infused ‘Reunion‘, fruity tequila cocktail ‘Candy Crush’ and the Kahwa Tea Bourbon with Kokum shrub and lime, ‘NCR‘, they are geniously curated.

The ambiance is just as accommodating, where every wall tells a story. Their main lounge wall will catch your eye, stamped with name of every labourer, carpenter, and artisan who participated in building Together At 12th. The place offers an environment for a breather at time of the day – lunch, hi-tea, after work or dinner.

Together At 12th

Together At 12th stands by its resonance with ‘fresh’, incorporated in the vibe, the menu and their premise… the outdoor sitting area in the balcony is not just a perfect place for an insta-worthy selfie, but also houses all of their edible greens which the kitchen and the bar use.

Together At 12th

Tucked in as the most peaceful corner of the space, is a private dining room that can seat upto 16 people and double up as a conference room or for workshops and the like…. the small library here is what caught my fancy, with every kind from Cook books to Dan Brown!

Together At 12th

And last… but clearly not the least… if NH8 and Golf Course Road have been your rendezvous, digress a little towards Together At 12th as they offer you luxury, a view,…. and great pricing!

Together At 12th

With that array, Together At 12th is the destination in Gurgaon adding a burst of freshness and a pop of colour to indulge your senses, sociability and all that togetherness!

Where: 12th Floor, Le Meridien Hotel, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Sector 26, Gurgaon

Call: 07303811277


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