10 Things We Hate about Gurgaon!!

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Gurgaon within no time has emerged to be one of the fastest growing cities in India. The city boasts about swanky malls, multiplexes, numerous golf courses, and restaurants offering cuisines from around the world.  Today, the millennium city does live up to its reputation considering the fact that it has the third largest per capita income in the country after Chandigarh and Mumbai but amidst all the hype one cannot just ignore the shortcomings this city has.  The city is a home to 1.5m people in addition to the ones commuting on a day to day basis. The city it seems has started to show its downside and off late has left many people scathed with its comport.

Below is the list about the most horrific issues that people face in this city:

Public Transport

public transport in gurgaon

Even after increasing the fleet of autos and buses, public transport in Gurgaon is still an exalted issue. The govt. buses are overcrowded and the shared autos are filthy. Private autos charge heftily for a modest distance. Gurgaon Police initiative to launch a mobile app to calculate auto fare might not be sufficient to resolve the worries either.

Roads in pity

gurugram roads

It’s hard to find a road which is leveled up to a considerable distance in entire Gurgaon. There is so much patch work being done time and again that one can actually feel different layers of roads while driving. The car just keeps on wobbling around before one submissively halts in front of the pit.

Poor Traffic Sense

poor traffic sense in gurgaon

People in this city are unaware about the basic features available in their cars like indicators. Means do not matter to them, only ends matter. You can expect a vehicle from any direction at any time in Gurgaon especially the area around Cyber City to Sikanderpur. A car that has travelled for 6 months without an abrasion is a blessed car.

Rude & Impolite Locals

It is said that it’s better not to indulge in an argument in Gurgaon than to be beaten up. Lol no this is just a hyperbole but having said that, be aware. Be cautious while travelling alone to villages like Sarhaul, Chakkarpur in the night because it gets a little too dark there. Relatively.

Inordinate Phase

phase 3 in gurgaon

If you are living in DLF Phase 3, you will be a part of the summers entirely and Vitamin -D will ooze out of your body by the end of summers in this spooky phase of your life. This place is gifted with no water and no electricity. If you think that is it then you are probably mistaken as this place is blessed with no roads and illicit food as well.

Dusty, Noisy & Chaotic

gurugram progress

The place it seems was blessed with Dust Gods when it was first incarnated. The Dust Gods have always been hovering over Gurgaon wherever you go. Roads are chaotic and resemble a mob filled cavern which looks ready for moshing. In the latest survey by TOI, it was revealed that around 70% of noise pollution in the city was caused by just pointless honking.


drunk fight hate about gurgaon

Drunken fights and women insolence are very common sights in Gurgaon. At least half-a-dozen pubs operate from Sahara Mall and police are flooded with complaints of brawls.Lack of basic amenities like streetlights, police patrolling and CCTVs on major roads have only helped criminals to escape with each and every time. Women alone or women in groups alone are still seen with speculative eyeballs.


The weather in Gurgaon plays an important role in sapping ones spirit. You are looking at boring weekends sipping alcohol in your room waiting for the power to return (so you can switch on your AC) because there is nothing much to do in the city apart from binging in multiplexes, malls or buying stuff that is overpriced.

Police without resources

police station in gurgaon

Most police stations are highly under-resourced, hence they have to survive on bribes and donations and this impacts their credibility. Most honest policemen live in extremely difficult situations as the city is expensive and government does not provide them living facilities. Police should be provided with best of the facilities. Stricter laws and order should come in place.

Gurgaon needs to overcome its shortcomings to be able to become a venerated city and a city which people of its country can boast about. There’s still a long way to go for Gurgaon but in my personal opinion, Gurgaon has shown the vigor to improve lately.  With the support of its people and government undertakings, Gurgaon will surely be able to earn a perspective in the global arena.

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