Dipti Datta

The Wine Company Hits A Home Run With Their Globe-Spanning New Menu

January 14, 2020

If the weather is an indicator to what your winter days must entail, then there's nothing more mandatory than a glass of wine paired with food that is anything but mundane, that brings gastronomic shenanigans to beat the winter chill. The Wine Company has earned its popularity by virtue of being one of the few places in Gurgaon that has every wine connoisseur's taste in stock.

Reflecting the very essence of everything delicate and aromatic, when The Wine Company invites you to savour their newly curated menu, you leave no opportunity to get your taste buds rolling on to delectable culinary creations, exuding Chef Mrigank's innovativeness, leaving you gratified!

Being ushered in warmly by their staff, this rather gloomy afternoon had me on the edge. But if there's a perfect prologue to a gastronomic scrawl, it is this, it is this, it is this.... a glass of the fruity, spritzy, sparkling Sula Reisling, it is! The impeccable pairing with the Himalayan Kalari Cheese- roasted peppers, rock salad, and scallion in melted butter on a base of cheese, set the tone for the array!

Himalayan Kalari Cheese

Amidst the Old wine barrels, Churpi Cheese and Pecorino Fondue adds an uncanny, kosher vibe to the whole culinary experience. Served as hot steaming popping Churpi and Pepperoni Cheese with crispy Jalapeno pops, Grilled veggies and Potato skewers, this avant-garde take on fondue is a smasher!

Gambas A La Plancha

Gambas A La Plancha- has prawns laid down on a bed of Lemon butter, Smashed garlics, capers and olives. Add a little heat to the winter chill with The Rum flambe Prawns- Exquisitely flavourful, standing by example for Chef Mrigank's offbeat streak, are a feast for the seafood freaks... the twin flame to the Reisling!

Sticky Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese is the exotic blend of flavours that The Wine company stands for. Slightly glazed, sweeter in taste served with the balancing Blue Cheese... Just about the right fill!

Soft Taco Station- Braised Pork Belly

For the times you feel anything but ordinary, the road less travelled is the one to take. The Soft Taco Station is the delectable route - While the Braised Pork Belly soft taco is chunky and mushy, the Smoked Chicken Salsa Verde is drier and lighter. For Non-vegetarian lover like me.... an absolute indulgence.

Kerala Veg Casserole

What came next, and certainly the highlight was the Kerala Veg Casserole... an interesting pick after the trail of global flavours, you'd think, but well, the desi in me just always floats. This fine Khus khus and Coconut curry South Indian dish, just blew me away! But the best was still to come....

Where There Is Tea, There Is Cake

Dessert of course.... Where There Is Tea, There Is Cake.... and the innovative element isn't restricted to the name.... Banana cake sandwich with tea ice cream filling topped with Raspberry sauce and Marshmallows on the side.... indulgence much? 

Been one of my obvious picks, The Wine Company's innovative and versatile menu, stands apart from the rest of the brigade. The wine list presented to you is detailed and longer than anything you have seen before, while the food menu is designed in a way that pairs with wines to enhance flavours.  You've got a home run hit here!

Where: 22-23, DLF CyberHub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Call: 9015857857



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