The Paranthe-Maggi Wala Stall Outside Park Plaza Can Give Restaurants A Serious Run For Money!

If you’re a foodie or a blogger and are scouting for some delectable street food to write about, I am sure you’ll find aplenty plush places. But honestly, my fascination lies with the humble stalls that prepare some of the most ‘cooked to perfection’ delights on the roadside.

One that I swear by is the roadside Paratha and Maggi Stall just outside Park Plaza Gurgaon, Near Huda City Centre Metro Station. Famously known as Paratha Maggi Point at Huda Metro, these three thelas are no small business. The stalls serve delicious Parathas and Maggi concoctions.  A plate of his variety of parathas like Aloo parathas, Onion paratha, Gobi Paratha, Paneer and Egg paratha, are popular, even amongst the residents of the posh area. The parathas could be chosen from the assortment of Aloo-Pyaj-Gobi-Paneer- Egg- Mix.That be credited to his delicious stuffing that is just insatiable! You also get a dollop of butter on the paratha with pickle on the side.

The lack of infrastructure does not stop the stall from attracting consumers. Besides, it would be chai and sutta stall. Providing a complete arrangement for people who look to binge at odd hours, precisely 7-7:30 pm onwards till the wee hours! The place is hounded by late night/ early morning relievers during the weekends too.

Keep your eyes open towards the turn to sector 30 wide main road, if you are coming from IIFCO Chowk metro station side. The stall stands right at the corner. The next time you’re passing by, make a short pitstop here….. food for pleasure!


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