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The Hidden Hour

November 5, 2016

The Hidden Hour brings much needed thrill to the Millennium City! The premise is simple, You are given a mission, locked in a room with your team to accomplish the mission, clues are given, many hurdles too and 60 minutes is all you have!! So we decided to go as a five member strong crew. The jury is out on why we decided to go, part review purposes, part curiosity. That left aside, we came out with a major adrenaline rush!


hidden-hourOur Experience

As five of us made our way into this one-of-a-kind experience, we had very little idea of what to expect. We were told that in this challenging race against time, we would have to use logic to solve puzzles, find hidden clues to further puzzles, connect the missing links and prove our mettle and teamwork.

Tunnels, clues to piece togeher, codes to decipher, hurdles to cross, puzzles to crack, premises to search and a ticking clock to pump your adrenaline even further. So you get to enact your favourite thrillers and action movies, but also, put those brain cells to work to move ahead in the game. We can’t remember the last time an activity made time fly by, like this game did. Very analytical, stimulating and thrilling, entailing physical as well as mental activity, the game was a perfect team building activity. The game makers have painstakingly curated the game, paid attention to detail, gone the extra mile in making it seem as legit as possible. Needless to say, we came out super charged with super activated grey cells!


Their USP

In an age where gadgets and gizmos have taken over, a game as analytical as this such as compels you to think, brainstorm and challenge yourself. Where self sufficient games on the IPad leave you self absorbed, this one requires constant interaction wherein you consult your mates and count on them. Perfect for family outings, friendly meet-ups, birthdays and corporate team-building exercises.



Where: The Hidden Hour, 2nd Floor, Near Lifestyle, MGF Metropolis Mall

Call: 083770 94958



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