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As an expectant mother, a few years ago, I was lost. Not very well aware of what really would prepare me for my baby on the way, the trend of having everything that being a mother, my baby’s paraphernalia entails, ready. Yes, it was a humungous task to catch on to the latest pre and post birth essentials that I would need to make my new found status as a mother, easy. So, now when I found a place that covers and holds everything required by expectant mothers, new mothers and new borns, all under one roof, I had to share it here. The Baby Station is your one stop solution for all essentials needed post pregnancy, post birth and infants. Strategically and conveniently located at Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurgaon, spread over 2 floors, the store is everything a new parent could dream of. The brainchild of Sheetal Chopra, Founder-Partner, The Baby Station, who, out of her sheer understanding of the anxiety and anticipation felt by new mums, set shop with The Baby Station in May 2015.

This is where all new parents stash their worries aside….

All The Moms To Be….Say Yay!

The Baby Station

The Baby Station makes the selection of all that an expectant mom needs, simple.

  • Maternity lingerie to make feeding your baby, an experience to cherish.
  • Maternity Apparel…Because who says pregnancy can’t entail looking your best? From fun slogan T shirts, tops, trousers, dresses and nightwear, they have it all to make the most important days of your life, easy breezy, comfortable….and fun!
  • Pregnancy pillows, to put an end to sleepless nights during pregnancy. Their uber comfy pillows will ensure you get your best sleep, even while the little one inside you decides otherwise!
  • Hospital bags to keep you ready and well armed for the rush to the big day!
  • Pregnancy Support belts to keep you healthy and active through the pregnancy.

After Birth…. New Beginnings Call For The Best!

The day arrives…. you have your little one in your arms. As a mother myself, I know the worries and the concerns. So, here is what The Baby Station offers to add to the happiness and to bring the best to new mothers and their new borns. Products, not just from international brands, but organic and indigenous ones too find spots here.

Apparel and footwear

The Baby Station

New beginnings call for the best to give the new mums, as much as you do to give new borns…. The Baby Station ensures that happens. From Nursing bras, Nursing gowns, nursing tops and dresses, feeding covers, nursing cream, nipple shields, breast pads and breast pumps for the new mum, they have a complete range of apparel for the new borns as well, from Swaddlers, hooded wraps for winters, cotton vests, thermals to Onesies, Pajamas, Jhablas, Mittens, booties, caps, Night suits body suits and wrap over tops, the range is extensive!


The Baby Station

Hesitant to bathe the newborn? Worry not…The Baby Station has you sorted… their Infant bathing chairs are super easy to use ! Apart from that, they have Shampoo hats, Bath toys, Baby shampoo and baby sponges to make bath time fun for the baby and strengthen their bond with mothers.


The Baby Station

Feeding can be an emotional experience for the new mothers. To make the experience memorable, The Baby Station has a complete range of  feeding paraphernalia- Milk bottles, Bottle sterilizer, Bottle cleanser, Bottle cleaning brush, Bottle warmers and Bottle thermometers, making the array complete, from brands as Phillips Avent & Pigeon, assuring of good quality and good health.

And what’s more?….Their range of imported quality ready-to-eat foods and snacks from Heinz, Gerber, Ella’s Kitchen and Organic.  Traveling or an outing with your newborn becomes a tad easier when you have their favourite flavoured ready to eat food sans stressing about health……right there!


The Baby Station

The most important part of the babies’ (and parents’) daily routine……Yes, I know, also the most tedious! But nothing surpasses the baby’s comfort! So, everything you can think of, is right here….Nappies, Nappy liners, rash creams, wash cloths, changing mats, Diapers, Muslin sheets, towels and Wipes, will just make the process easier! What with their imported range of Diapers and toiletries…products that you may be finding hard to find elsewhere as Pampers’ no odour-no leakage, with indicators, from swaddlers, cruiser to easy ups…there will be more of play and giggle times!

Health, Safety & Wellness

The Baby Station

The Baby Station offers plenteous options to maintain your baby’s wellness….. If you ask me, it is the primary pre-requisite to a parent’s concern. So, what if you leave all of it behind as soon as you enter The Baby Station? For a simple reason that you find everything from Baby lotions, Baby creams & Massage oils, to Nail clippers, Hair brushes and combs, Gum massagers, mats and  detergents. Their range diversifies to the minutest details entailing Baby cloths, Bibs, Humidifiers,  bed wetting alarms and nasal aspirators…..get the idea?


The Baby Station

Entertaining your baby and keeping him/her in the bet of spirits is what every parents aspires for, isn’t it? Why go asking around when you have the best and the widest variety of toys as Cot mobiles, rattles and activity sets, play mats from popular brands as Fisher Price, Chicco and Mother care? Pick your baby’s favourite sounds and pictures, and let them have the time of their life….while they learn too!

Don’t miss their stash of party supplies and baby props for the first birthday or first ever photoshoot to bind memories….forever!

Bedding and nursery 

The Baby Station

A very good advice for new mums. “Sleep when your baby sleeps”…. And to make your baby have a good day nap or night sleep, it is important to give them their own comfortable haven. The Baby Station will help you create one for your precious bundle of joy, whether you’re home or on the move. The Baby Station’s in-house range of nursery furniture such as baby cots, cradles, storage, changing tables et al, are quality personified…….Get Pushchairs and car seats, Sleeping bags, Blankets, Crib sets, Cradles, Bouncers, rockers, carry cots and baby carriers….. and leave all conformities and stigmas attached to being a new parent, behind!


Why We Endorse The Baby Station?

  • They have created a handy list of essentials, covering everything from Mums-to-be essentials to post-birth and infant requirements, their pro active staff assisting you through the process.
  • Their concentration on delivering high quality products is resolute.
  • They have medical professionals and qualified doctors for consultation to gauge and help choose quality products.
  • They Home Deliver all across Gurgaon!
  • With a Feeding Room in the store, the new mums need not leave their apples of the eyes behind…make babies part of shopping!


If you have a new born on the way and you are confused, you know where to head to….and yes, you can thank me later too!


Where: G-50-52, Baani Square Market, Sector-50, Near Hilton Garden Inn, Gurgaon

Call: 09999010196



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