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This man will make you go “Wow” and we are pretty sure that his canine companions would echo in agreement with a “Bow Wow”. A Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Consultant, a Dog Behaviorist, and most of all, a Hard Core Dog Lover, Pravin gave up his corporate career to do what’s closest to his heart – the paw-fect doggy career. It all started when Pravin frantically looking for a decent dog boarding for his own canine babies, realised that there was a dearth of boardings for dogs, especially those following proper protocol. Most places he checked out either left dogs at the mercy of indifferent and ignorant  takers or housed too many of them to make abundant moolah! “Some places even lacked basic things such as a first aid kit , fire extinguishers, emergency exit plan, 24/7 standby veichles, cctvs , airconditioning / ventilation “, shares Pravin. Tail magic Dog Boarding

That’s when he made up his mind to do his bit and bring about a positive change in the dog boarding concept as much as possible. What followed was a course in Mumbai offered by the famous Shirin Merchant, who’s one of the 9 people in the world to have earned the canine behaviour accreditation.
That’s when he started a dog home stay, albeit one with a difference. Both Pravin and his wife are genuine dog lovers, have ample knowledge of doggy care and ample space to share it with furry friends other than their own. Their dog boarding  ‘Tail Magic’ is spread over a huge space (the first pre requisite for a dog boarding), is more of an informal facility, where the pooch guest gets to share space with Pravin, his wife and their own ‘happy family’ of four legged friends. Proper protocol is followed in terms of essentials like a first aid kit, an emergency vehicle etc. Pravin has a thorough understanding of all aspects pertaining to dogs, their nutrition, psycology and health. 
Tail Magic Dog BoardingHe insists on an initial meeting with the dog parents, to get an idea of the temperament, habits, and socialisation skills of the pet. What sets this place apart is that it is not volume driven at all and Pravin accepts the pooches only once he is sure that they would be fine and not cause harm to the others. Only the non-aggressive and non-territorial ones are accepted! . Pravin during initial screening, delves deeper into the dog’s history and habits to understand the dog, and basis the information shared by the dog parent, tries his best to replicate how the dog stays in its own house. He doesn’t rely on caretakers and personally walks them, trains them, cooks for them and plays with them. Never are the dogs left alone or unattended. If Pravin has to go out, his wife, who is as fond of dogs as he is, is the “mommy” to these furry babies! The dog parents are kept in the loop via images and texts, the place is CCTV enabled and there is total transparency and a spot check at any given time is possible. At no point are the dogs leashed or put in a crammed space. “Dog boardings are coming up with all sorts of frills and fancies like a dog spa, pool etc., but the basic foundation is often seen compromised upon. Dogs need love, care, ample space and a safe environment; everything else comes later”, shares this ardent dog lover.
Tail Magic Dog Boarding
 Pravin’s forte and passion is not limited to just running a dog boarding. He is also a certified Canine Consultant and a Dog Behaviorist. A behaviorist works by studying the animal’s behavior patterns and the environmental factors involved. A behaviorist is not somebody who lives off their telepathic connection to animals, but works on their behavior patterns, based on scientific research and observation. Good communication and connect with the dog and training to correct the dog are main two aspects of his work. While a canine behaviorist should be excellent at communicating with animals and reading their behavior, a behaviorist also needs to be good at communicating with people in order to convince them to adapt and change; because at the end of the day, it is the pet parent that lives with the dog and has the most influence over the animal. 
Tail Magic Dog Boarding
In sync with this thought, Pravin when he is in the trainer/behaviorist’s shoes, insists on communicating with pet parents during initial consultation to analyse their need and accordingly provide training to the pets. “More like a bio data of each dog”, he smirks. Pravin believes that it’s absolutely critical to communicate with pet parents, share feedback, motivate them with a strong training follow up on a regular basis. At times, he even allows the family’s kids to be a part of the training process. Prong/shock/choke collars or any tool which causes pain or fear is a BIG NO! Little wonder then that Pravin is highly recommended by word of mouth. “Bow-Wow”, once more for the ‘P’awsome Pravin!
Pravin can be contacted on 9818048057

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