This Pottery Market On The Golf Course Extension Road Is A Hidden Gem!

When it comes To shopping, Gurgaon is raising its standards…. not just by variety, but economics too! But not all good things need to be expensive. Gurgaon is a city of hidden gems…. the deeper you dig, the more you discover. As part of my home decoration sesh, a lookout for a budget friendly home decor shopping experience was met with much relief and gusto when I discovered this mini Pottery Market on the Golf Course Extension Road.

This roadside pottery market is spread between Vatika City and St. Xavier’s School on the extension road. The street market brings clay and ceramics back in vogue with the plenteous designs and colours to choose from. Spoilt for choice…. sure! The most exciting bit about picking stuff here is the fact that I ended up stocking my house full of pots, planters and decoratives…. for as low as 2000 bucks!

Thank your stars I have this piece shared with you, for this place has pots priced as low as INR 100. The larger variety starts at INR 200. Indie patterns, solid colours, mixed designs, make for a quirky set to add some colour to your home…. My recommendation? A mix of solids and patterns in plates and soup bowls and spoons. Must pick are the idols that come with the price tag of not above INR 1000… some can come as low as INR 50! Affordable or what?

The best day to go on your spree here is….. any day really! The market is open all days, with no specific timings. The next time you swing by the Pottery Market, do take a moment to extend gratitude to me!

Where: Near Rosewood City, Golf Course Extension Road, Ghasola, Sector 49, Gurgaon


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