SMAAASH Commemorates 4th Anniversary Of Their CyberHub Outlet & Gurgaon’s Game Face is Smaaash On!

In the midst of Gurgaon’s corporate bubble, sits a one of a kind entertainment oasis for the leisure seeking determined workforce. Smaaash is not your average gaming salon; a clever mix of intense yet entertaining virtual reality and old school favourites form the core of this power packed gaming experience. Heightening the humble Gurgaon dwellers dining experience at DLF Cyber Hub tenfolds, Smaaash has become a go to spot for corporate ninjas and families alike to indulge in their inner super gamer.

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 Take pleasure in a hearty meal, terrific & engaging games and much more this month as SMAAASH celebrates it 4th anniversary gala. SMAAASH CYBERHUB GURGAON turns 4!! On this special occasion, the gaming and entertainment hub is presenting electrifying offers on Games. Just drop by along with your buddies and family to experience the thrill at SMAAASH like never before. They didn’t just hit 4, they made 4 even better!

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 On this special occasion Smaaash  is coming with another bang !! On this auspicious occasion, SMAAASH has a lot of cool offers in store for one and all to memorize their day. Beat the heat this summer by trying wide range of tropical cocktails , foods and also some exciting discounts for the students to avail . It doesn’t end there!

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To add more thrill to your enjoyment, SMAAASH has  its “TIKI FEST ”going on to offer its patrons with mouth watering drinks and food which will leave you wanting for more. So, come along with your friends and family and celebrate our 4th anniversary in the most happening and exciting way.

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     Anniversary Offers

  • College Student Offer: 1 Game of Bowling + 1 Shoe Rental- Rs. 149, Monday & Tuesday
  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free : 4 Course Lunch/Dinner Buffet + 1 Veg / Non Veg Starter + 1 Soft Drink- Rs. 1137, All Days
  • Mini Buffet Lunch/Dinner + 1 Game of Bowling + Shoe Rental- Rs. 649, Monday to Thursday
  • 4 Mug of House Beer 330 ML ( Kingfisher Draught or Budweiser) + 2 Starter- Rs. 1049, All Days
  • Arcade Power Card – 200 Games,Rs. 4999, All Days
  • Tiki Cocktails Fest- Rs. 399, All Days
  • 1 Pizza + 5 Arcade Games + 1 Super Keeper + 1 Dance Off + 1 Walk the Plank VR + 1 Soft Drink- Rs. 625, All Days
  • Wednesday Flash Sale : 2 Games of Bowling- Rs. 299

So think no more, Head to SMAAASH Cyberhub, and enjoy these cool deals which are available to buy Online!

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With fun arcade for kids and the laid back gamer, Smaaash has additional food and beverage offerings thereby completing its effortless packaging. Their lunch buffets are great for corporate hangouts not to mention banqueting for larger events and out of office gatherings. The efficiently stocked bar in the middle of the melee is an oasis in itself for face-saver’s or superheroes to kickback or gather vigor for more. Their in house contests are definitely to look forward to and to prepare for, heck, you can win a Harley if you manage to win one of Smaaash’s hardcore gaming challenges. So the next time you’re in DLF Cyber Hub, make sure you up your game at Smaaash.

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Now you can also Enjoy Smaaashing hours with Smaaash’s Offer Hours!

 It is time for some great news for all the alcohol lovers out there as SMAAASH, invites you to double up the fun this season. Enjoy the happy hours with much happiness as you indulge in an exotic drinking menu.

 Have a blast as you all for one more!

Date– 15th May to 31st May

Venue– SMAAASH, Dlf Cyber Hub, Cyber City, Gurgaon           


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