Short Cuts @ Celesta Fiesta- The Short Cut To A Happy Salon Sesh For Kids

A toddler at hand who hates her hair being tampered with? Or a tantrum at work to avoid a grooming session? You’re not alone in the ordeal; I know how that goes! With an 8 year old daughter at hand, let’s just say….. ‘getting a haircut’ isn’t her favourite thing to do. So, as just something I had to do under duress, my search led me to Celesta Fiesta’s Short Cuts, the only exclusive Salon and Spa for Kids and Teenagers in Gurgaon; Before I reveal why the place became my last search stop, it is imperative to mention that Short Cuts is your ‘short cut’ to a happy grooming sesh, just for kids! 

The Celesta Fiesta Savoir Faire

The understanding of what really is the essence of Celesta Fiesta, would be helpful in deciphering the whole experience at Short Cuts. Celesta Fiesta isn’t your quintessential entertainment centre, it is an out and out Experience Centre; A place for kids to get superior entertainment as well as state of the art facilities with skilled staff who know the value of hygiene and safety; Housing an array of brands catering to grooming, retail and entertainment. The place is replete with: 

  • Popcorns- The in house theatre, for the perfect movie out birthday or a fun play date.
  • Short Cuts- The shortest route to a fun Salon & Spa experience.
  • Let your kids let their head down at the Party Corner… that is rife with fun party props, placards; A photo studio, where you can make some lovely and precious memories!
Short Cuts Salon & Spa
  • Let their creativity flow at the Creation Station- Kids can create their own Soaps, Body lotion, Lip Balm, Sugar Scrubs with well researched Paraben free, Sulphate free, natural ingredients…. And take them home too!
Creation Station
  • Get to Lil’ Shopper’s the in house retail store that has everything to get your little brigade dressed for any occasion- attire and accessories. 
  • Sweet Treats is the DIY treat station, where the kids make their own little treats- The happiest end to the day, right?

Short Cut to A Happy Child? Sure!

Short Cuts is the first of it’s kind in Gurgaon; A concept that breaks away from being a typical salon; It is an experience that changes the way you’ll look at salons, being the only ‘EXCLUSIVE KIDS’ SALON & SPA’ in Gurgaon. The tryst is an experience, that I got my daughter to undergo first hand. What impressed me as I entered the place was the neatness. Isn’t that what is every parent’s paranoia?  So, mine was put to rest. Then came the challenge…. the cut! As the hair stylist Sachin, gently put her at ease by offering her popcorn! Of course it worked! As he went about snipping, she munched her way through the haircut, and happily!! A job dreaded…..  ended successfully… professionally done!

Next we were on for a manicure… for my daughter of course! The expert, isn’t just for the service provided, but in resonating with the kids as well! Here I must reiterate the fact that my thorough scrutiny of the products used, got them a few brownie points, sourced diligently and carefully from across the world, from safe brands, being chemical free, organic and literally farm fresh, keeping ‘SAFETY’  and ‘HEALTH’ as the primary concern.

The nails all groomed and clean, as a mother, my worries were well put to rest. The highlight of the session being… her favourite cartoon playing, making it an entertaining yet productive experience. Now, who wouldn’t agree with that?

The Place With The Most…. Of Everything!

Spa Party @Short Cuts

That was my experience…. But apart from it, there is a dash of some exciting seasoning to add to the list, that you MUST consider here:

  • Salon, The experience- Whether it’s a haircut, a head wash, manicure, pedicure or braid styling, their experienced staff is at your service, with the safest and excitingly fragranced shampoos, conditioners and hand washes that your kid can choose from. They aren’t just products here, they are the source of a satisfying experience, that is taken extremely seriously.  Every single product that grazes your child, has rest assured, been painstakingly picked, putting health right on top of the ladder.
  • The Spa- From fruity facials and Chocolate ones, they offer everything that you can get customised as per your child’s fragrance and fruit preference… Yes, they concoct with real fruits, Honey and Chocolates too! Yummy isn’t just a word…. It’s a ritual! A super idea for your bundle’s spa birthday party!
Spa session @Short Cuts
  • Natural Lice Treatments- Lice are one woe that strikes every school going child. If you’re stressing about how to get them off the territory, Short Cuts is at your service. Using their specially curated oils and shampoos (and entertainment) at hand, no woe is a woe! Easy breezy treatment…. And a healthier child to take back home!
  • It’s all Fun & Games– Imagine watching your favourite Netflix series whilst you’re on a beauty spree? So it is a reality here. The sessions made a tad bit more exhilarating, rife with the kids’ chosen show playing or favourite music….. and even Karaoke whilst the spree is on! There is always an activity ready, to add to the fun quotient. A little party for every visit…..A salon experience that dreams are made of, isn’t it?
Short cuts
Chocolate Facial
  • Mundan made Easy- The one ordeal that most parents are shuddersome about, is taken care of by Short Cuts, in the smoothest way you could imagine, taking over the worry’bie’ off you completely. Sanitary concerns… check! Expertise… check!
  • And it continues…. Post the delightful experience, the kids can try their hands at creating their own concoctions of popcorn, tang and candy floss! 
Short Cuts Spa & Salon
  • Short Cut, The Brand- On the horizon, is their range of beauty products, that are to be a medley of fresh ingredients- fruits, Vegetables, Butters and oils. Your little brigade finally gets the due they deserve…. A beauty range exclusively hand made for them that will include Shower Gels, Soaps. Shampoos, Conditioners and Body Lotions!  Watch out for this one!

Where: 17, Ashoka Crescent Marg, Block B, Sector 26A, Gurgaon

Call: 9717000547


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