Say No To Loudspeakers In Punjab And Haryana!

Disposing off various Writ Petitions filed to curb excessive noise pollution in the States of Punjab and Haryana. The High Court of Punjab & Haryana prohibited the use of loudspeakers in the territory without prior permission from the authorities.Religious places like mosques, temples, and gurdwaras have also been directed not to use loudspeakers or public address systems without permission.The move comes in order to curb noise pollution in Punjab and Haryana .The restrictions will be pertinent during the daytime.

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The High Court has directed the authorities to make sure that no loudspeaker, public address system or sound amplifier should be used during the night, barring in the auditoria or banquet halls. The court has also banned noise-emitting construction operations that mostly take place during the night.

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The only exception made on the use of loudspeakers and public address systems is between 10 pm and 12 midnight during a cultural or religious festive occasion of a limited duration not exceeding 15 days in all during a calendar year. Such restriction shall be applicable even during day time, that too, by getting an undertaking that the noise level shall not exceed more than 10dB (A) peripheral noise level. 

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The issue of vulgarity and violence spread due to songs, the HC has asked the DGPs of both states and Chandigarh to ensure that no songs are played glorifying the liquor, wine,  drugs and violence in any song even in live shows. HC has also made it clear that the no loudspeakers are permitted. 15 days before the annual examinations and during the course of examinations.


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