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Review-‘Tea Cups Full’, a Tea’lightful’ experience!!

July 7, 2017

Tea Cups Full, an Exclusive Tea Boutique

So convinced I was that “Tea” is yet another wonderful herb, India gave the world that the realization that it is indeed the Chinese, back anywhere in the B.C. era to at least 600 AD were the founders of tea left me a bit morose. After all the good old Masala Tea has been a staple in all Indian households, but I gathered myself quickly again; thanks in parts to the “Special Masala Chai” from Tea Cups Full. I was trying it for the first time and the rich aromatic herbs and spices... the good old cardamom, ginger and cinnamon quickly convinced me that we may not have discovered the tea but we sure have made it that much more refreshing and interesting. This tea truly epitomizes the Indian-ness tea has come to be associated with for over a century now. tea boutique   However for the more health conscious the re-emergence of white, green and oolong teas drove me to the “Darjeeling” Tea section while browsing the “Tea Cups Full” outlet in Gurgaon. Needless to say that the range of black teas as well as the good old “chai” at this store, which also has a fairly friendly online marketplace at are fairly comprehensive and differentiated. “The Royal Darjeeling Muscatel” with its delicate grape after taste or the more sought after “Darjeeling Black” first flush for those who enjoy the tender goodness of the tea with a floral undertone are a definite try and along with the “Royal Darjeeling Green” come nicely gift wrapped in a royal red box... perfect recipe to ensure you will be remembered each morning to whomever you gift it to. tea cups full N K Puri - Tea Master Tea Cups Full and Ex Planter Goodricke Group The “Royal Darjeeling Green” tea here deserves a special mention. It’s not only versatile and delicious, it’s also extremely beneficial for your health and wellness, for it is brewed with unfermented leaves,  great to fight the free radicals and yet adding that zest of caffeine to kick-start the day or help you last the pre-evening hold up before that fun starts. I could sip on this refreshing beverage and the fruity after taste would stay long enough to keep the morning laziness alive and happy. I would not close without a special mention to the array of “white teas” at “Tea Cups Full “. A delicacy as rewarding for your health as it is rare in our fast food world, is the “Moonlight white tea”. The citrus undertone that stays long after makes you want more, even when you have robbed the mug of its last sip is a signature enough for its deserving position on the shelf of some of the best tea boutiques world over. It needs respect for its stature and individuality. Hence no milk to add, only fresh water.  Do not re-heat it and surely no strong flavours to go with it. Just simple, plain and pure “moonlight white tea” and yes, do not have it piping hot... remember, “nothing strong, it needs to be handled delicately and with love” tea cups full   Tealightfully inspired, I walked out satisfied that this one addiction I will be happy to keep. “Tea Cups Full” with its variety of teas from the good old masala chai to the range of black and green teas and oh! yes the white and oolong teas, the wonderful gift packs pairing the right flavour of teas and options to pick tea wares both at their store and on  their online store at make it a perfect companion to further my tea addiction. Curated by Tea Masters, you can visit their store at KV, Complex, R-9, Pink Town House Market, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon 122002. Call 9873414857. You can also buy it online on Amazon & Bigbasket. Contributed By Rachita Mayor