Reboot to Recovery!

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Addiction as a term has been used and abused as a state of non-acceptability and segregation. We as a human race are by natural instinct a opinionated brigade. Any state incongruous from the ”normal” is socially stigmatic. ADDICTION is a compulsive use of substances such as alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription medications. There is a fact that must be accepted is that there is a staggering increase in the number people who can qualify as Addicts, not only teenagers but more among the middle aged.

Reboot Wellness Centre- standing apart

Reboot Wellness Centre

My perception about the term ”addiction”, stemmed, no points for guessing, from the same social mental blocks that we all have grown up with. But that was History from the moment i stepped in Reboot Wellness Drop-in Centre. My curiosity took me there and my inhibitions were instantly put to ease Firstly, by the ambience of the centre that spoke of vibrancy and warmth, breaking the norms of a stereotypical clinical centre. Secondly, the conversation that progressed with Founders, Sarita Anand, Ashwani Anand and Saloni Malhotra. my initial apprehensions went flying out the window!


A home away from home

Reboot Wellness Centre

I am blown away by their unconventional yet most effective process to addiction recovery! Reboot Wellness Centre stands apart from the rest:

movie nights

  • Being a Drop-in centre , it gives the initial reluctance of the patient a release. Drop-in/day-care centre is a supportive hangout haven for companionship, camaraderie, and fellowship and is open to the recovering community and their families.
  • The No-Judgement rule that provides the patient with a vent to pour out their problem without the stress of being answerable to strangers or being made to feel culpable.
  • Movie Nights– Their fortnightly held movie nights are the high point. They not only provide a relatable ground to the patient but helps them understand and accept their addiction amidst a light-noted environment.
  • On The Table: Small groups and intimate conversations over dinner to address the elephant in the room in a non threatening environment over a sumptuous meal.


Recovery Programs12 steps


  • After Hours Programme is for working professionals dealing with addiction and alcoholism, this treatment consists of individual counselling sessions, group discussions, informative input sessions and movie nights that provide a stronger understanding of triggers in the environment and effective tools to help deal with them.
  • Reboot To Life Programme– Reboot to Life is an addiction treatment programme that uses a broad spectrum of tools like therapies, services, mentoring and monitoring provided to any individual with mild to severe substance use disorders.
  • Maintaining Recovery Programme– Reboot’s Maintaining Recovery is a unique 6-week programme designed for individuals who have already been abstinent for at least 6 months.

    The insights that were shared by Ms. Saloni, were an eye opener of sorts for me and the likes of me who would probably look at addiction with a wary eye. The visit soon transformed into as much a comfort zone as it was disturbing at the onset. The methods of communicating with patients, is not only relatable but the various programmes they conduct in coordinance with their team are easily decipherable, providing a ”safe haven”!

The unconventional approach is very refreshing and comforting. It comes across in their effort to make it a light noted hub. It doesn’t end here. Along with helping the addict, they go a step further in helping the families too in dealing with it and recovering!

Recovery Workshops


  • Family Recovery Programme: A programme designed to help families and relatives of the addict understand and cope with the problem.
  • Reboot’s Aspire Camp is specially designed for children in the age group of 9-12 years, to provide drug awareness and teach coping mechanism to deal with negative peer pressure at an age when they are most vulnerable.
  • Employee Assistance Programme– There has been a meteoric rise of around 116% of recorded alcohol consumption from 2005 to 2011.These numbers not only vocalise the need to act at the governmental level but are also of a big concern from on an organisation’s perspective. Our Employee Assistance Programme is tailored according to the specific needs of an organisation

Recovery Support Group Hub

  • 12-step group meetings: The centre hosts various self-help 12-step group meetings on a regular basis which are available throughout the year. Mutual aid groups have all been shown effective in preventing, reducing, treating, and sustaining recovery from substance misuse and substance use disorders.
  • Alcoholic Anonymous:  Alcoholics Anonymous is an international mutual aid fellowship whose primary purpose is to help alcoholics stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety
  • Al Anon & Alateen :  Al-Anon/Alateen is a worldwide fellowship that offers a program of recovery for the families and friends of alcoholics.
  • Narcotics Anonymous :  Narcotics Anonymous is an international mutual aid fellowship whose primary purpose is to help those struggling with drug use stay clean.


The Hangout


A supportive hangout haven for companionship, camaraderie, and fellowship which is open to the recovering community and their families. A safe space to meet like minded people and make new friends on this new journey. The Hangout offers wi-fi, tea, coffee and small bites.

Reboot Wellness Centre,  though a recent endeavour, has taken the onus of changing the perception attached to  Addiction, process to recovery and the demeanour towards addicts. Reboot day-care/drop-in addiction centre  provides a safe and nurturing environment for everyone in recovery. No more shame game!

Need we say more?

Drop in Centre:
7 Nathupur Road, Ground Floor
Near Neelkanth Hospital
Gurugram, Haryana-122002

Call: +91-8800895659



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