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Rao Sahab & Choudhary Ji Built the Gurgaon NightLife


Party & Nightlife

February 25, 2020

When talking about the perks of living in Gurgaon, let’s just say the many pubs and night clubs here are something we’d like to brag about. The Millennium City with its large number of licensed pubs and bars has a thriving nightlife. And interestingly there are a few groups that are instrumental in making that happen, as they pretty much built and now dominate the nightlife scene here. While these stand alone night clubs and pubs dominate the party scene in Gurgaon, a certain community of Yadavs aka Rao Sahab and Choudhary Ji aka Jaats that dominates the ownership and management of these places. Yadav refers to a grouping of traditionally mainly Dairy farming, peasant-pastoral and agricultural communities or castes in India and Nepal since the 19th and 20th centuries. They claim descent from the mythological King Yadu as a part of a movement of social and political resurgence. The Yadavs mostly live in Northen India and particularly in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Traditionally, they were a non-elite pastoral caste, primarily involved in traditional occupations. Jaats are believed to be an Indo-Aryan tribe, connected to the Vedic civilization (4500 BC - 2500 BC) that existed along the Saraswati river. They are divided into various clans and many gotras. Jaats play a predominant role in agriculture. Soldiering and cattle rearing have been the main occupation of the Jaats, but now they are branching out in other fields like military and police. They are also well represented in government civil services.The Jaats are not a homogeneous ethnic group living in a particular area and speaking a single language. Rather, they are a people who live scattered around the world among several ethnic groups, yet retain their own identity. The Yadavs and Jaats in Gurgaon have proved to be trail blazers of sorts, having broken the glass ceiling to get into a vertical such as entertainment, dominating it and successfully managing the show, rather ruling the roost. Gurgaon’s nightlife is dominated by six major groups all of which belong to the same community, and strange as it may sound, this bandwagon is a close knit community, taking their business seriously and the only competition that exists between them is extremely healthy.

5 OUTLETS including Striker & Soi 7 Group

striker owner soi7 gurugram nightlifeGiving the customers a memorable yet different experience at different outlets, so much so that you can't tell that the different restaurants are owned by the same set of people! This is the mantra of the group spearheaded by Mr. Ashwini Choudhary, the name behind places Gurgaon swears by such as Striker, which has been a pioneer in itself, Soi 7, Adda and Walking Street. Owner: Mr. Ashwini Choudhary & Ahlawat Brothers Brands owned: Striker, Soi 7, Adda, Walking Street & recently launched Pier 38 Success Story: Striker and Soi 7 which have got international recognition too.  


Downtown manhattan owners Pretty much the pioneers in the entertainment space, this group has shown Gurgaon how to party! It has left its footprints everywhere and owns atleast one place in every part of Gurgaon. Ever since it opened it’s doors to Gurgaon walas, Open Tap has ruled the roost and is a name to reckon with in the Mini Gurgaon that Sohna Road is. Downtown and Manhattan Brewery in Sector 29 & Golf Course Road respectively are party headquarters in themselves and Fantom in South Point Mall is forever rocking. Owner: Mr. Rajesh Yadav Brands Owned: Downtown & Bronx in Sector 29, Uptown in Galleria, Open tap on Sohna Road, Manhattan in Global Foyer & Fantom in South Point Mall  

5 OUTLETS including Vapour, Vapour Grill & Vapour Bar Exchange

Vapour is not just a name but an experience. And each of the places under the Vapour Umbrella has a unique experience to offer. Vapour Grill, Vapour Bar Exchange, different concepts with one thing in common, the Vapour authenticity and originality. While Vapour Bar Exchange brought surge pricing to our favourite evening activity in Gurgaon, Vapour Grill is making our tastebuds do a happy dance. Vapour-Bar-Exchange gurgaon Owner: Mr. Rathi Brands Owned: Vapour Grill, Vapour Bar Exchange USP: First One to introduce the concept of trading drinks in Bar; too innovative to be ignored.

 3 OUTLETS including Brewer Street, Agent Jack & Divino

If you’d like to break away from the lager and ale, and move towards the sour or stout, you’d like Brewer Street for its love of beer that might just match yours as well as for the ample outdoor space. A one-of-its-kind place always packed and very popular on the Sohna Road. Agent Jack's By Brewer Street is a new found love (and one for keeps!) for Gurgaonwalas. It's a unique concept filled with surprises and so much more. Now open, we're loving it! divino brewert street owner Owner: Mr. Shikhar Yadav Brands Owned: Brewers Street at Sohna  Road, Agent Jack by Brewers Street and Divino. USP: First one to introduce a Bidding Bar... Next level of Bar Exchange

The Batli 29 / Plazzio Hotel Group

Mr. Naresh Yadav, the think tank behind the Le Marche chain of supermarket stores, Bella Madonna Salons, Plazzio Hotel and Batli 29 ventured beyond the traditional space with his first Le Marche store in Vasant Vihar. His brand Le Marche is pretty much the pioneer in the space of gourmet food retailing in Delhi NCR. There was no looking back and soon the group lent its Midas touch to its other ventures such as the Bella Madonna salons, Plazzio Hotel in Sector 29 and Batli 29 too. Owner: Mr. Naresh Kumar Brands owned: Le Marche, Bella Madonna Salons, Plazzio Hotel and Batli 29 Success Story: LeMarche which is now a brand and phenomenon in itself. USP: Catering to a niche clientele.

2 Outlets including 7 degrees Brauhaus & Ninkasi

Be it 7 Degrees Brauhaus (previously owned Coopers Bar and Grill) or the recent launch Ninkasi, this group has revolutionized the way Gurgaon drinks Beer. A favourite with youngsters and elders alike, these names are a feather in Gurgaon’s cap. ninkasi 7 degree owner Owner: Mr. Baljeet Rathi Brands Owned: 7 Degrees Brauhaus & Ninkasi (apart from previously owned Coopers Grill & Bar) USP: Each of the concepts is very unique



Bikers Cafe

Serving a mix of dishes ranging from omelettes, sandwiches, parathas, to soups, salads, kebabs, Thai grilled fish, burgers, pizzas and grills, we're wondering if there's anything they don't whip up. Owner - Mr. Sanjay Yadav

Sutra & Factory by Sutra

A fresh concept that brings together the joys of a pub, brewery and a co-working space to Gurgaon for the very first time. That’s Factory by Sutra for you, a unique out-of-the-box idea! The siblings of this brand are just as popular.sutra Factory Owner - Mr. Anup Malik & Mr. Jaglan

The Clock Tower

A funky gastropub with a cocktail menu, range of beers and global food in a brick-walled space. Owner - Mr. Tribhuvan & Madhur Yadav

Quaff Brewery

Quaff’ means to drink heartily and this brewery in Cyber Hub is making sure it lives true to its name. An energetic vibe, Sharing plates to go around are the perfect accompaniments to the in house brews. They've won us over and how! Owner - Ms. Sunaina Yadav


A very unique concept awaits you at Bunker, Gurgaon's very own army themed restaurant at the Cross Point Mall, besides the generous cocktails and great music. The interiors of here are inspired by the army, with accessories like hand grenade salt shakers and gun-shaped door handles to lamps in the shape of helmets. Proud to call it our own! Owner - Mr. Aman Rathi   Catering to the discerning party lovers, which includes expats, corporate professionals, students and families, these stand-alone party hangouts are not in the premises of five star hotels, yet provide us a much needed dose of entertainment in a safe and sophisticated environment. If partying a  decade ago meant going to Delhi to the discos and nightclubs in Five Stars, the tables have turned now! Serious party animals from Delhi also come to Gurgaon to get a taste of its very happening nightlife. and we cannot thank the Rao Sahabs and Choudhary Ji's enough for putting Gurgaon on the party map!



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