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It is one thing to be called successful in terms of the economics you render, but it is another thing to be called successful in terms of contentment you experience through your life. But life can be perplexing, and more often than not, we find ourselves in a spot, professionally and personally. The dilemma can coax you to seek guidance or a medium that can escort you through the toughest moments. Isn’t that what we all lean upon? Spiritual & Occult Sciences have proven to be exceedingly effective and hence, the popularity of these sciences.


With plenteous Occult teachers and teachings floating around, it is almost a cult of sorts. But let’s not overlook the real purpose of these sciences. Spiritual awareness isn’t overrated. It is a science, a belief system, that determines your actions, your communicative abilities. Are you looking to improve your relationships with love and forgiveness? Do you want to realise your life purpose or just be at peace? Then these programs are built just for you… Learn everything about bringing balance into your life…

ProAlpha is a one stop solution in Gurgaon, for bringing …. everything to your life, with ease, love and joy. Let me take you through this wondrous place and the programs on offer here, that you must seek to bring your life in tandem with your desires.

Astro Numerology


Obstacles in your business or is your money getting stuck? Do you know that numbers can make or break a situation? That is where the occult science of Astro Numerology is to be focussed upon. At ProAlpha, this science brings an insight into the work  you may need to put in to keep life progressing just as you want it to.

Here, the program entails everything about the Power of Numbers, and how they connect with your name, house number, shop number, brand name number…. even your signature and visiting card! Yes, they all direct your life, but at ProAlpha, the experts will guide you through the remedies as well!

Akashic Records



Did you know that there is a book for every soul that exists on the Earth?  As baffling as it sounds, it really is an interesting science, that must be delved into, to get a clearer insight into how and why life transpires. Akashic Records aren’t merely a compilation of documents, they are way more insightful and entail wisdom.

If you’re fascinated at the thought of how your past life forms the basis of the present and the future, then Akashic Records will set the record right. These are energetic life records that talk about life purpose, past lives, the present and possible future, giving a complete synopsis on how to connect to your soul guides, Angels, why certain situations recur, blockages in specific areas and how to remove them, Chakra balancing and lots more… ProAlpha has professionals in the field to teach, guide and explain through the program, helping you to open up to your life!

Tarot Card Reading


You may have heard and even experienced Tarot readings, just for fun! Intrigued and fascinated…. sure! But these cards aren’t juvenile. They incorporate, talk and guide you through disconcerting moments whilst imparting affirmations on what you ask them, and hence, must be dealt with, with utmost sensitivity and care. Though they can be easily grasped, they must be learnt to conduct a reading with the correct energy and knowledge.

ProAlpha presents some of the best and renowned Tarot Card readers to impart basic to advanced trivia on Tarot for beginners, the types of cards, guidance on how to interpret every card, derive their meaning, decipher the guidance they emanate and the correct ritual to conduct readings so as to perform the right way. And soon enough….. you could be on your way to be a ‘Master reader’.

Access Bars


If you feel restless through sleep time, face dissatisfactory sex life or experience stress for absolutely no reason, Access Bars will bring all that into focus.

ProAlpha’s single day, 8 hours Access Bars class, can escort you into opening an entirely new arena, where you can tap into the world of exploring specific points (32 of them!) on the head, proper hand positions and the infinite power of clearing energies around you! Can you imagine how blissful life would be, if those around you radiate nothing but calmness, ease and positivity? That hope isn’t a far reach… add to that you would have the opportunity to conduct a Bars session and receive one too!

Astrology – Tatva Jyotish

This isn’t a new  science, been in practice since the Vedic age, Astrology has held fascination and curiosity of many. But the art of Astrology is deep and cannot be brushed off casually. Through charts based on the stars and planetary positions at your time of birth, the Kundali is created, which gives a detailed insight and vision to peep into the past, present and future!

You can learn it all at ProAlpha, in addition, be explained the remedies and cures for every issue that maybe bogging you down.

Meditation- Tatva Yog


Have you ever felt your aura being scattered or that nothing is going right or is stress taking over because of a wrong relationship? Whatever the problem maybe, there is nothing that Meditation cannot resolve, while evoking spiritual awareness and introspection.

At ProAlpha, you can be adept at the practice, which teaches the practice of concentration, preserving self centred strength and the nuances of deep breathing, the frequency of practicing, thought awareness and techniques to give you the freedom to pick the one that is best suited to you.



Who doesn’t know Yoga? This 5000 years old practice, has garnered the interest of all Western countries as well!  Being the most practiced exercise regime, Yoga has many nitty-gritties that must not be overlooked. Apart from bringing balance and calmness to life, Yoga is known to have cured many physical and emotional disabilities as well.

At ProAlpha, the correct way to practice is recommended, and that is ensured by the professional Yoga teachers, who get to the grass root level of explaining the science. From setting the stage for Yoga, meditation in Yoga, to guided visualisation, Yoga for beginners and physically challenged to dispelling all misconceptions…. you get a thorough guided experience that will make you adept enough to practice on your own!

As Personal As You Want…


ProAlpha isn’t just a school, it is a place for you to take your down time. Professionals in their respective Occult fields are available to consult and guide you to the best of your life abilities! Be it Yoga, Meditation, Tarot or Access Bars, ProAlpha will lead you to what you desire…. the easy, peaceful way.

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