She’s Got The Look- Plowy, The Most Famously Photogenic Cat In India Is A Gurgaonite!

She’s Persian, she’s famous, she’s young, she’s gorgeous, inquisitive and attitude is her middle name…. If you’ve not already followed her on Instagram, here I introduce to you the most famous cat in the country- Plowy @plowythecat.

You’re wondering why she’s famous, aren’t you? This Long Hair Persian beauty came to her Mumbai based parents 1 and half years ago. Since then she’s been a part of not just their home, but their lives as well.

As their love for Plowy spilled over Instagram, her charisma was too irresistible for her followers, who grew consistently…. and this furball now stands with 37.2K Insta followers, grabbing attention unlimited… Soon she had brands approaching, eating out of her hands (or the other way around), to be the face of their products.

Being the face of PetFed India, and having modelled for renowned brands as Andaz Delhi, Heritage village Resort Manesar, Mama Earth, Ajmal Perfumes, Alan truman, Khadi Essentials…. and many more, Plowy has over 150 brands in her ‘kitty’!

Her parents being staunch supporters of cruelty free brands, Plowy is endorsing it right. Giving a run for money to the models, her fan following is shooting through the roof, as I write. The good news is…. Plowy is now a Gurgaon resident along with her parents…. and bringing happy vibes… and pride to the city!

Good looks come with a lot of responsibility too, right? So it does for our little beauty too. Plowy lives a queen’s life…. starting her day with a scratching spree sesh (Manicure, if you please) in the morning, loves to be carried around (why not! she’s a celebrity after all!), and her room is fantasy room goals for you all! With a purifying water fountain, air conditioner to maintain comfortable room temperature during seasonal changes, a cat house, litter house, tent, Plowy @plowythecat is leading life ‘Cat’size.

She is creating waves… not just on Insta, but all over our hearts too!


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