Picket Lane Is The New ‘Kadak’ Place In Town, Serving Fresh Food, Straight From Their Farm To Your Table!

There is something about people who think differently… because they always end up creating something different! When was the last time you could say with conviction that you are eating authentic, healthy food? Almost never… unless you grow it in your backyard! What if I told you, you can have healthy ‘farm to table’ food, right here in Gurgaon…. Of course without having to grow it yourself? If you don’t believe me, head to Picket Lane Cafe at M3M Cosmopolitan Mall, Golf Course Extension Road, Sector -66, Gurgaon!

The Birth Of An Experience!

The toil, soil and endeavour of three ardent foodies, Deepak Suri, Divya Suri and Deepika Banerjee. Picket Lane was conceived as a concept to drill in the thought process that the source takes precedence over the creation. Breaking the myth that farm freshness is but an illusion, they took it upon them to prove that this could be a reality if a credible mindset was engendered…. and they proved it!

Picket Lane is a homegrown, local cafe & shop bringing to you the freshest food from their own family owned and run farm in Manesar, with every vegetable, fruit and meat, used in the menu, home grown and bred right here!

Where Boho Meets Authenticity

A boho, colourful and naturally lit ambience, greets you alongside the friendly and hospitable host, Deepak himself, who you will see mingling with the guests in his endearing demeanour. Don’t miss the interesting farm tools hung on the wall, aptly telling the cafe’s story. Being greeted by his wife, Divya, on this particular day, with as much warmth as the place exuded, my tryst with Picket Lane began…

The Picket Lane Experience

My experience began with the most refreshing Blushing Rose Ginger Cooler, that brought me down to sanity on a rather warm afternoon! This went down perfectly with the Grilled Chicken Sizzler… the country chicken, sautéed veggies…. straight from their farm, served delectably! But that isn’t all…. the preparation was to the point too! Amidst my chat with the warm hostess, through the meal, the essence of the cafe emerged effortlessly. There is something about having a meal that speaks ‘freshness’ in the truest sense.

If you think that the farm bred meal ended there, think again! The brownie with ice cream was the last straw in the farm fresh series. The freshly baked brownies are a creation made right from scratch in their home bakery! See, what I mean?

A ‘Kadak’ Kadaknath, Please!

Picket Lane boasts of being the only place probably, in the city, where the rare breed chicken, Kadaknath, is bred! For those of you who don’t know, Kadaknath is one of the rarest, healthiest breeds of meat and eggs that exist, that are cholesterol free! They breed and serve it with as much credibility as the health benefits of consuming it, entails. ‘Fascinating’ doesn’t even begin yet…. Try one of their Kadaknath dishes and see it for yourself!

The Only Hole… Is The Whole!

But hold on…. if you think the ‘farm fresh’ menu will burn a hole in your pocket, here is another reason to stamp the credibility of Picket Lane. Going back to thinking ‘differently’, the endeavour that held the concept cafe was only to bring the most original, the most organic and the healthiest means to the city, keeping authenticity as the primary focus. The reasonability of the prices will surprise you!

Served With Love…. & Nothing Else!

Must you want to get on the health trail, order in your trays of the healthiest eggs in town…. the Kadaknath eggs that come at only INR 20/egg, or the handpicked veggie pickles or the freshly picked berry mixes! Just like ‘Ghar ka pyaar’!

Other things high on freshness are their Wood-fired oven Pizzas, Pasta, Quesadilla, Burgers & freshly baked artisan breads, cakes, muffins, biscuits, cookies & more!  

Picket Lane is more of an experience that leads by example, and I endorse the concept and their will to serve with love! The verdict? Your guess is as good as mine…. Picket Lane is my new favourite ‘kadak’ place!

Where: R2 002, M3M Cosmopolitan Mall, Golf Course Extension Road, Sector -66, Gurgaon

Call: 01244037873


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