Nowhere – Gurgaon’s Favorite Brew Pub, Terrace, Cafe & Co Working Space

Nowhere in Gurgaon is a place like “nowhere”!!!

Be it the fully matured delicious German beer that they brew and serve at their BrewPub, or the ideas that get brewed at their co-working space, Nowhere does justice to the word ‘brew’ in every which way! When you have no idea what to do, and nowhere to go, Nowhere is the place to head for. Because, JUST NOWHERE can be like ‘Nowhere’!!

From Nowhere to Now Here! The Soul Behind The Show!

The brain, soul and toil behind the show is Sameer Dhar. “Nowhere is the most comfortable and secure state of being for most of us, hence the name”, he says. The place is an amalgamation of his life’s journey and experiences till now, and he is totally involved and immersed into every aspect of the business. Right from the conception of the idea to the ‘due diligence’ in terms of everything that’s “brewing; from lending his creative touch to daily operations, the place is very close to Sameer’s heart.


We Love This Place ‘Inside Out’

You cannot help but be awe struck by the offbeat decor at Nowhere. It’s original, creative and very refreshing. The ceiling with ten thousand beer pints hung left us gaping, but there was more to come! Plastic Glycol barrels converted into tables, tea kettles turned into planters, graters as light shades, low lying tables which were once electric cable reels,  the owner Sameer has fashioned the place’s aesthetic with an interesting twist. He certainly needs a pat on the back for reusing discarded things, bringing back life into them by innovatively and judiciously converting them into their most unique and charming avatar. Using recycled materials not only has a positive environmental impact and message to the visitors by reducing waste, it also adds to the place’s authenticity.

nowhere cafe gurgaon

What’s also delightful is that this place spread out over a whopping 8000 square feet carpet area  is portioned into sections, for every mood. Also the seamless synergy of them all!  While the indoor lounge is eclectic and jazzy, the open terrace has a romantic aura. Laden with greens on all sides, this is a mini sanctuary in itself. A terrace on the other side has an equally mesmerizing view and feel, and also gives you the freedom (and Bluetooth) to listen to your own music.Ideal to bask in the winter sun or enjoy a breezy spring evening! The co working space is a silent zone with comfortable furniture and high speed WI FI. Quite like the movie Inception with one ripple leading to another, each more fascinating than the one left behind!

nowhere terrace

The Food and Drinks

First things first! We were ‘beery beery’ impressed with the fully matured German beer, which is special for its exclusively sourced malts and the owner’s ‘non compromising’ approach to interfering with its maturing period. The contents of each and every mug here go through maturation of 2 to 4 weeks, a non negotiable practice! “Passion and patience, very important ingredients”, we learn! Full marks!

nowhere cocktailsBesides the beer, the infused cocktails steal the show and lift your spirits. Hmmm, well, both literally and figuratively.

The food menu is vast, with a healthy mix of the conventional and off beat; living up to the place’s uniqueness. The beer canned chicken, the malt craft pizza are some of the tantalizing treats to savor, each with a common ingredient besides the beer component; the mystery recipe! Aha! The traditional Murthal paranthas are quite a hit with the visitors too.

nowhere coworking space

The Add Ons

The regular Jam sessions, salsa nights, sufi performances every now and then are what add to the perky vibe of the place.

nowhere gurugram


One of those places where each thing shouts “Unique”. Right from the recycled charm, the incredible food ride, to the mind blowing pricing of the co working space at just Rs. 99 a day. What with a capacity to accommodate as many as 32 people, unlimited WI FI, tea, coffee, rusk, mathari and a very generous team giving in happily to requests of increasing the speed (Yes! We saw that happen). Thanks to his own early years entrepreneurial journey, with it’s twists and turns, this, Sameer says, is the closest to his heart and a way of giving it back, in all humility.

nowhere gurgaon

Where: 2nd Floor, Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Call: 092050 50770, 092050 50880

Timings: 9 am to 12 midnight


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